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This page is for research requests. Anyone can request information (not just the author), and anyone can fulfill bounties!


  • Two divinities remain unidentified from the human deck in Pantheon-the-game (from "Pantheon"-the-story).
  • I have mentioned more Fleet ships, I'm sure. Help me find the rest!
  • A lot of the characters have pages but they're missing things like descriptions (what do they look/sound like?) or details (do they have children?). Help!
  • Have all the books been added? I haven't looked
  • Most of the Chatcaava are missing character pages because gack, titles... help on how to handle that would be good (discuss in #archives?)
  • Information about areas in the Chatcaavan Empire are also missing (stuff like how it's divided into quadrants, and the weird names like 'Marchward Flight').
  • Chatcaavan military stuff is completely missing. I know I mentioned stuff like how their alert colors are different from the Alliance's, I gotta put that in one place.
  • Also we learned stuff about Chatcaavan armor and drop commandos (??!) in Air-dancing, that needs to go somewhere.
  • If you're looking for fun things to do, adding your favorite quotes to a character's page (like on Lafayette KindlesFlame's), or reader highlights from books to the book pages would be fun! I am planning to do the latter eventually.

First Name Missing[edit]

Last Name Missing[edit]

  • Most of the two Intelligence holds
  • Beronaeth?

Jaguar Requests/Bounties[edit]

Put stuff you need from me here (like maps or deep info or clarifications)

  • This is probably not where these really belong, but two details have been bugging me:
    • If Throneworld females only get one month in the nursery with their babies, and then it's all tongueless attendants, where and when do the children learn any language?
    • Jahir says in Heartskein: "And above the tenantry, most infants are relegated to wet nurses." If everyone has a hard time having babies, chances are good that there's nobody still nursing when a baby finally manages to be born, so where do they find those wetnurses?
  • Clarification please? Per the wiki, Alari Jesa Galare married Teldor Jesa Galare and had six children, three sons, three daughters. All of their daughters were Seni Galare, two sons Jesa Galare and one son Catha Galare. Should Alari be Seni Galare since that's what her daughters were, or did the daughters start the Seni family?
  • Historical Character clarification: In Farmer's Crown, Chapter 14, when they are in Corel's tomb, Liolesa says that Hiranthial's father, Theval, was Jerisa's son. In the Wiki Theval is Jerisa's nephew, his mother was Saranyl. Which is correct?
  • Clarification needed (or map redrawn). In Farmer's Crown Liolesa gives Sediryl a piece of land in Galare "near the border of what was Jisiensire" but they don't share a border according to the map of the northern seaboard, Ulurith is between them. Did you mean Asaniefa?

Requests for Renames/Deletes[edit]

Did something get misspelled? Or added by accident? Ask for a fix here from an administrator.

Fulfilled Bounties[edit]

If you've fulfilled a request, move it here and mark your name so we know who gets thanks!

  • Jaguar answered: "Rispa is named for the "Seersan Mist Sister." Who are the the Mist Sisters?" with Four Sisters
  • Thaniet's name, answered by Sporky
  • Krystal's name, answered by Sporky
  • KetDusky answered: Olthemiel's last name
  • KetDusky answered: Eldritch winter holiday descriptions
  • Lirleni answered: "Did Tolden definitely leave with Lisinthir at the end of Farmer's Crown? I don't remember" I put the references on his page. We don't see the actual leave-taking, but everything points to him going, along with Juzie, her betrothed, and Qora.
  • Glaseahn rites have been copied out of Heartskein.
  • Kuuvel the wisecracking surgeon was not at the palace for Lisinthir's wedding. Biography expanded.
  • Battle of Selnor and Battle at Apex-East have been edited, including witness lists as best as I can figure.
  • Jaguar marked the deceased crew of the Willseeker months ago.
  • Esper Talents and Starbases info has been copied out of Heartskein for a while now.
  • Jaguar answered the question about Jahir letting Sediryl watch (