Claws and Starships (Fiction)

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First Edition Cover

A collection of standalone short stories.

Publication Data

  • Series: None/Standalone
  • Publication Date: December 2011, Amazon has Dec 18, 2011.
  • Editions: Ebook, Audiobook, and Paperback


When the results of Earth's genetic experiments fled their makers, they took their own name as they left humanity behind; centuries later, the Pelted have spread into a multi-world alliance of cultures and languages, cribbed from Terra or created whole-cloth. Claws and Starships collects six stories of the Pelted, ranging from the humor of a xenoanthropologist on the wrong side of mythology to more serious works considering the implications of genetic engineering in a far-future classroom seeded with the children of those laboratories. Come stamp your passport and visit the worlds of the Pelted Alliance in all their variety!

Includes the novella "A Distant Sun," and the short stories "Rosettes and Ribbons" (Best in Show anthology), "The Elements of Freedom," "Tears" (Pawprints), "Pantheon," and "Butterfly" (Anthrolations magazine).

Now includes six illustrations and an all-new afterword by noted fan historian Fred Patten [1].

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: anthropology, history, humor, teaching, religion, family, games, furries
  • Rating: PG for emotional situations

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