Dark Lighthouse (Fiction)

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A La Carte Ebook Cover First Edition

Taylitha eats pasta and has complicated feelings.

Publication Data

  • Series: Stardancer
  • Book: Published as part of To Discover and Preserve (Fiction)
  • Publication Date: Don't Remember, To Discover and Preserve , which has this story as one of its stories, has publication date of Dec 27, 2021, but this story might have been published prior to that book.
  • Editions: Ebook
  • Revisions: 1


After ferrying supplies to thirty-nine space stations, First Commander Taylitha Basil of the UAV Stardancer is ready to move on to something less dull... but it turns out the station commander at their final stop is a great sword-fighter, funny, handsome, interesting...

...and also human, one of the species that engineered her own race long ago. What do you feel about the people who played God?

A short story in the Pelted setting.

Tags and Content Notes

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  • Rating: G

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Available in the collection To Discover and Preserve.