Dellen Crosby

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The medic of FIA Hold 22, a Seersa, surly.

Physical Characteristics

Has a shorn, every-which-way mane. Moves deliberately.[1]


Worked in the Core for a while. [2] Apparently used to do research. [1] Has said, interestingly, that there are some things beyond science. Prior to joining Fleet as a medic, he was the healer lead of an emergency response team on a colony with economic problems. "We had a lot of fighting. There are fights that accomplish nothing but waste. There are fights that prevent greater waste." [1] This is where he must have learned street fighting/self-defense.


Has kits, would have liked to have had the ability the Admiral-Offense has to fall immediately to sleep when they were babies.

Recent History


  • "Everyone comes back from emotional trauma differently. You're stringing sentences together and you're acting functional. That might last, or you might find yourself having flashbacks or bad episodes. Don't make anyone make you feel like you should be acting more upset or less than you feel. Move through your reactions at your own pace and be prepared for setbacks."[2]
  • "I've been doing this a while, alet. There isn't a reason in the book I haven't heard." [1]
  • "It's regrettable that we live in a universe that requires self-defense. But we never won't, so avoiding violence will only take you so far. Sometimes, the wolf comes knocking." [1]


  • speaks Chatcaavan fluently but likes to speak it with a horrible accent to make people want to stop talking to him

Body Language

  • taps his fingers on his arm when his arms are folded
  • does not have the occasional-species instinct to wag tail when pleased

Story Appearances


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