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They make you sick.
There are "some 143" of the original genetic diseases that are still prevalent among the Pelted. [1]


A spinal infection that mutates readily. The strain from Karaka'Ana that made it to Harat-Sharii "eats into the pia mater like it's going through sponge cake. The arachnoid webs swell up with the byproducts and eventually shut down the nerves."[2]


Mentioned as one of the genetic diseases listed alphabetically in a mnemonic learned by Kellen Grove. [1]

Auregh-Rosen Syndrome

Causes people to be born partially or fully deaf, due to the interaction between the animal and human ear genetics. (all of the first generation Pelted have vestigial human ears, called Auregh-Rosen processes.) Symptoms range from larger vestigial ears / cartilaginous lumps, to having nerves unable to process the info from the animal ears. Some Pelted have four fully developed ears. milder syndrome, though often associated with more unpleasant complications.[1] Kayla and Meekie have this. Virulent but not often deadly.[3]


Mentioned as one of the genetic diseases listed alphabetically in a mnemonic learned by Kellen Grove. [1]

Beritt's Disease

Simone Foster, the Karak'An ballet dancer has this.

The fur falling out, the lesions on the skin, the corneal scarring.[4]

"It’s one of the few Exodus diseases that responds to management. She would ordinarily have had a monthly regimen, self-administered, with the dosage adjusted annually by her specialist. Beritt’s is subject to flare-ups, but those can be treated with high doses of anti-inflammatories. It’s an auto-immune disorder, but a person can live a normal life with it if they follow the protocols."[4]


Mentioned as one of the genetic diseases listed alphabetically in a mnemonic learned by Kellen Grove. [1]


Amaranth and Persy have various cancers. Cancer has become "more pernicious in humans since they've become spacefarers, and no one's sure why."[3]


Kuriel has this. A disease that consumes the nerve endings as fast as they're rebuilt.[3]

Kerriwiht's Disease

Genetic disease, though blood of a carrier can infect others with the non-genetic strain of the disease. This is the one Kellen Grove has. [1]

Little Finger Disorder

A degenerative disease that attacks the nerves; onset usually involves the nerves leading to the pinkies and smallest toes, thus the name. Also known as "Small Finger Syndrome"; Human doctors nicknamed it "Pinky."

Mediger Syndrome

What happens to lighter gravity species when they try to live on heavier worlds. This is usually addressed with acclimatization, a regimen most Alliance races take to well. The Eldritch are an exception in how frequently they have trouble with it.


Also called 'redmens' as a way to remember it (because it causes the blood vessels in the viscera to burst, which makes the patient's insides look red).

Yuvett's Syndrome

Margeaux Davis had this. She lived much longer than typical. "Most children born with Yuvett's die before they reach four years of age." Seizures are can occur during early stages, and are typical in advanced stages. [1]


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