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The third book of the 5-book Dreamhealers series, about Jahir and Vasiht'h and their early years.

Publication Data

  • Series: Dreamhealers
  • Book: 3
  • Publication Date: July 2017
  • Editions: Ebook and Paperback
  • Revisions:


Jahir and Vasiht'h have earned their licenses as xenotherapists at last, and they have their hearts set on starting their practice in one of the Alliance’s most exciting and cosmopolitan destinations: a sector starbase. But dream therapy is a revolutionary treatment modality, and as esper practitioners they will have to work hard to win the trust of their community. Not only that, but they have a deadline: if they can’t prove themselves an asset to the starbase within six months, they’ll have to leave! It’ll take hard work, compassion, and a dollop of luck to navigate the pitfalls of this challenge… but surely two such extraordinary friends can find a way to claim their dream hearth.

Additional Content

  • Case studies: Short stories in which Jahir and Vasiht'h address the problems of their clients (or of their own). Originally posted as a separate collection, The Case of the Poisoned House, now superseded by the collection in this book. More case studies appear in Dreamstorm.
    • "Case Study: Nest" - in which a Phoenix requires a proper nest to sleep.
    • "Case Study: Language" - in which Vasiht'h explores his own race's use of language, as contrasted with the language-sense of a Seersa client.
    • "Case Study: The Captain" - in which Jahir and Vasiht'h provide a surprisingly simple solution to the problem of Alliance Captain Paul Amadeo's stress levels.
    • "Case Study: In Dreams" - in which Jahir and Vasiht'h are entertained by the ways they are portrayed in dreams by their clients.
    • "Case Study: The Sailor" - in which Jahir and Vasiht'h discover that some clients need something different than what they provide.
    • "Case Study: Helplessness" - in which Jahir and Vasiht'h face clients whose problems could or would not be removed.
    • "Case Study: The Harat-Shar" - in which a Harat-Shar is not necessarily there for therapy.
    • "Case Study: The Witness" - in which Jahir and Vasiht'h help a Fleet member who was witness to a horrific pirate attack.
    • "The Case of the Poisoned House" - in which Jahir and Vasiht'h help Sarja, a deeply distressed Harat-Shar woman who had been adopted by Hinichi as a young girl, at the behest of her brother Barron.
  • Recipe: Gluten-free scones
  • Species of the Alliance
  • About Rexina Regina, author of Healed by Her Immortal Heart
  • Author sketches:
    • "Vasiht'h on Starbase Veta"
    • "The Tree," Jahir and Vasiht'h's holiday tree
    • "Sehvi"
    • "The Veta Apartment," a floor plan
    • "Dreamhearth Teaser"

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: found family, space opera, pastoral, new adult, low conflict, asexual, furries, elves (space)
  • Rating: PG for emotional situations

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