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Partial Timeline of Events

The name given by the Eldritch to the period between the end of the Chatcaavan War and the beginning of the next conflict. This is both an in-canon term (used by the characters) and a meta term (used to group the books that take place during this period).

Canonical Overview

Partial Timeline of Events, Extended


A combination of the words 'fallow' (to lie unused/uncultivated for a period to restore) and 'tide' from the Old English (a point or portion of time, due time, period, season). The Eldritch constructed it so because they still use words like 'eventide'.

Notes here about what the characters have said about this period; who began it? Who decreed it? Who was the first to use the word? Someone did.


Probably should draw out a timeline here.


The major events in the Eldritch sphere include:

  • wedding of the imperial heir, Sediryl, to Jahir Seni Galare
  • investiture of Sediryl Galare
  • formation of the Eldritch Navy
  • establishment of several mining concerns in the asteroid belt
  • establishment of an allied military base with the Chatcaava
  • establishment of Faulfenzair embassy on Escutcheon (should list this somewhere, and detail the people assigned there)
  • first state visit of the imperial heir to Chalice
  • the events of Surela's trilogy

Note the major events that happen among the Chatcaava as well.

  • various rebellions the Emperor puts down with Lisinthir's help
    • The most important of these is with Apex-North
  • assignment of ships to Escutcheon to search for Traitor-Second, under the Twelveworld Lord's command


Children born during the Fallowtide period


  • Sediryl's tutelage with the Faulfenza shifts when Paudii joins Auniira as teacher of the use of the Mindfire.
  • Second-Worldlord and Simone resume communication.
  • More Guardkin arrive to Escutcheon.
  • Fosterage visit from Gale and Whisper to Escutcheon

Canonical - Detail

This period of extreme growth and unrest lasts about 7-9 years, starting from the end of the First Chatcaavan War.


Escutcheon and its immediate solar system undergo the most dramatic changes during this period (which will probably later be given some appellation, a la Renaissance). Liolesa's primary focus is the fortification and preparation of the planet to defend itself; her secondary (though urgent) ones involve the education and feeding of her people, and the update of the Eldritch infrastructure. As a ruler must, she has delegated large chunks of these tasks to her vassals, but even her enemies are serving her purpose during this period. Outworlders are allowed to settle on the planet, but only in specific provinces under specific people (Jeasa and Reese).

At this point, an unofficial council develops: Jeasa, Reese, Sediryl, in the beginning. They're managing the influx of All The New Stuff. Eventually other people join it, and they provide input into the monarchy about what's needful. If we're not careful, this is going to develop into a House of Lords... and we'll have less 'all the nobles in charge of their provinces for themselves, as long as they report up to Liolesa' and more of a recognizable form of government...

Reese's Dominion (horses, goods, biotech/population boom, Guardkin)

Forecourt becomes the planet's cosmopolitan destination town, where you go to get your Alliance fix. This is where the Meriaen Tams who chose to stay on the planet are settled (in a halo around Rose Point, thanks to Reese's land grants). Also, this is the biomedical hub of the planet, plus the place for horses (though their breeding is moved into ranches in the surrounding countryside, there's a complex in Forecourt for selling them/training/showing them off).

Acorn stays more of a Cotswolds-like community, but eventually attracts a Guardkin population (though oddly, not as large as the one that comes to inhabit Ulurith's town). The aliens who settle here do so to live in accordance with the planet's village culture (a 'back to simpler times/nature' urge).

The Earthrise is the planet's first dedicated freighter/trading vessel, but not the last; when more are added to the fleet, Reese keeps her ship aside for special projects.

Jeasa's Dominion (multispecies education schools, fostering)

Seni village becomes the university town, thanks to Caramia's influence, but it stays mostly Eldritch/Glaseah, and doesn't attract too many of the other Alliance peoples. Because Jahir and Vasiht'h still base themselves here (pending the development of the future retreat that they haven't built yet on the land Liolesa gave Sediryl), this is where the imperial children are growing up. It will eventually become The Place To Hang Out for the important kids, like Reese's daughter, since Raenor and Adaise and Aeremina are already there, along with Vasiht'h's kids and Jeasa's. Lisinthir sends his sister gifts every year (and sometimes spontaneously): "dragon jewels."

While other noble women take quiet advantage of the biotech for fertility, Jeasa goes at it so hard, and so obviously, that she becomes the poster-woman for having more kids, and what that does to social mores, changes in inheritance laws, marriage customs, and fostering traditions. With Haladir in orbit (or abroad on naval maneuvers), she takes on the inevitable firestorms on her own, and prefers it that way because some things, she deems, are a woman's arena, and she doesn't want to look weak and in need of protection when defending her choices.

Ingleside stays all-Glaseah, and dedicates itself to crafting, local research (in concert with the university/educational institutions in the Seni village), and hospitality. They also brew beer that becomes a valuable export.

Sediryl's Dominion (farming, Chalice oversight, local politics)

While Sediryl thinks of her primary duties as 'feed the populace', Liolesa is training her to deal with local politics while concentrating on the Eldritch's interspecies/galactic politics. So Sediryl takes on more of the 'wrangle the local nobles' roles along with her oversight of the farming projects and gardening initiatives. The one exception to her focus on Escutcheon is Chalice, which reports through her to Liolesa; Liolesa rapped Lesandurel and Araelis (gently) on the wrists for bypassing her with the events leading to their wedding, and this led to the request Araelis made to Sediryl to officiate and to open their summer court. That repairs the line of draevilth on the colony and gets Sediryl involved more closely with what Araelis and Lesandurel are up to (and gives her some experience with provincial delegation/management across star systems without dumping her headlong into the negotiations and alliances Liolesa is setting up for the future with the Alliance and Chatcaava).

Later Hyera shows up (as promised) to train some Eldritch apprentices in her craft. A surprising number of her volunteers are from Sovanil (because of Sovanil's historic linkages with craft halls). After this visit, which lasts for a while, Hyera goes off to visit Chalice and ends up friends with Natalie Felger before gamboling on, as free-spirited artists will. (She does return multiple times to teach, however.)

Sediryl is also the contact for the Faulfenzair embassy, since for most of the Fallowtide they are concerned with her. This looks, most of the time, like her learning their languages (Dance and spoken), and making sure they're not bored. Or in too much trouble.

Because Maia is part of Sediryl's private council, Sediryl also stays abreast and is partially involved with Uuvek's projects. He's working on the heavyworlder adaptation technology, and bridging Chatcaavan and Alliance tech interfaces, ostensibly so Maia will find it easier to go back and forth, but also because the challenge interests him, and the local joint military base makes having those interfaces useful.

Liliarana is Sediryl's primary ear to the ground for the mood in the noble class, which Lili collects by being more of a social butterfly than Sediryl. This is how she ends up meeting Velederien.


Village, Hunting Lodge (Evelis, Attendant, Othise, the new tenants that moved from Nase)

Nobles - Opposition and Neutral

An accidental quasi-modern city competitor starts up in Ulurith when a batch of arriving Guardkin (from Hinichitii) decide to go hang out with Arianrhod. They decide to stick around and become the "Rosepelt" clan, which inspires Reese's Guardkin to call themselves members of the "First Talkers" clan. Giliriel's embrace of the Guardkin, which delights her tenants and inevitably involves them, moves her to the forefront of the opposition; Thesali might have clout among the nobles at court, but she becomes the focal point for Liolesa's supporters who aren't sure about the speed and extremity of her changes, not the isolationist movers who consider Liolesa their opponent. She can't get traction among the latter because her neglect of the Nuera tenants prevents the development of a thriving community like Jeasa's and Giliriel's accidental one. It's the strengthened bond between tenant and lady that gives actual power at this point, because of the social changes that are giving tenants more of a say in their lives and society at large.

Nobles - Allies

With the exception of Fassiana, who's keeping a light hand on the reins on purpose (as one of the largest managers of the population on the planet), Liolesa's allies fall into two distinct camps: All Ahead Full or Dragging Their Feet. Reese, Jeasa, and the Attendant are grappling directly with the changes, but many of the other heads of families are a little out to sea. Either these changes put them out (as with Juzie's mom, who selfishly doesn't want things to change), or they are confused by them. But this, unexpectedly, works out in their favor; Liolesa tells Sediryl to let them be discontent and gossip with the neutral and opposition Houses about their discomfort, "because it gives them common ground." Sediryl observes this common ground ranges them against Liolesa, but Liolesa thinks 'against' is a strong word. She would rather formerly entrenched "enemies" and "teams" get broken up a bit, have some room to compromise or make changes.


The villages have kept to themselves for centuries, and have grown into thinking themselves as a corporate identity (tenants vs nobles), and this is the situation that obtains when the Fallowtide begins and Sediryl starts making changes. With Liliarana's help pointing out some of these errors, she starts trying to adjust course, and this combined with Jeasa, Reese, Imthereli's stewards, and (oddly enough) Giliriel putting more effort into their tenants' lives, starts a shift from 'we are tenants, and they are nobles' to 'we are Ulurith, and they are some other province/house.' This isn't fully baked by the end of the Fallowtide, but it's enough of a change to shift attitudes and routines. Some tenants start feeling pride in their noble faction (which, incidentally, helps Sediryl at court, since it proves that she was serious about strengthening draevilth instead of skipleveling). During this period, the villages are mostly interested in food and having children, and then infrastructure and other opportunities. But each village grows in a direction specific to it (so one might prefer to make use of the new technology to have more babies, while another is more interested in the community gardens, and another wants to hunt the monsters while a fourth wants to repair houses and shops). The renaissance burgeons across the world unevenly, but the tenants definitely drive it until the nobles show they're willing to help, and then it becomes a team effort.

Church - schools for the talents

Liolesa decrees during this period that all clergy must have esper training at the new schools, and incentivizes the learning of it in the rest of the population in various ways; her friends observe she is pushing hard on this and she says it's necessary to free them from stultifying and unnecessary fears regarding basic things, like touching people. To the people who dislike aliens, she sends the newly trained clergy as teachers; to those who don't mind aliens, she brings alien teachers (such as the ones Jahir borrowed the primer from on Anseahla). And among the nobles, she uses a combination of tactics to make them think it's their idea to do it.

During this period Val also weeds the undesirable clergy from the ranks of the church by making their positions no longer sinecures. Many return to their former lives when they can no longer live indolent on their church salaries. The remaining ones are required to do the talent training, and in some cases, train greater talents (instead of hunt them), a reversal that causes still more men to leave the clergy for moral cause. Val (and Liolesa as high priestess) think it's better to know which of their former clergy are against mind-mages, so that works out well. The male side of the church goes back to having a pastoral arm (caring for the Eldritch), and a militant arm (training, but now instead of to hunt mind-mages, to hunt anything that might harm the eldritch). This constitutes a quasi army that most Eldritch are unaware of Liolesa having access to, and if someone tries to corner Val on it, he'll sidestep the question, saying only that to train the body is important to the spirit, particularly for Eldritch men who were called, after all, to defend the Eldritch from monsters.

Cradle System Infrastructure

Eldritch Navy

Ongoing search for Traitor-Second and pirates/slavers; reminder that Tolden's friend Darineth and cousin Sorinir become officers, and Fergol ends up an engineer-designer-officer.

Armin, along with the contractors Jahir and Vasiht'h brought back during their Anseahla trip, get their heads together on intelligence matters, and in particular Liolesa wants their take on galactic matters. But they get involved with localspace issues when Surela is contacted by pirates.

Allied Military Bases - Chatcaava and Alliance

Reminder that Montie and Mina are assigned here (though they end up here, there, and everywhere, and end up talking a great deal with Armin), and the Fleet Hold 17 is assigned here, eventually. (After Surela helps them with the pirates who attack the procession, the Alliance decides sending Hold 17 there permanently is a good idea, so that's when they show up for good.)

"Aliens' Row" - Orbital Station

(Sediryl notices it's getting carved reliefs, so it's probably going to be decorated oddly). Location of the naval academy; gets an engineering school that starts out as a mechanics school and evolves when Fergol gets involved. This station is probably kept at a gravity that's a compromise between Alliance Standard and Escutcheon Ground.

Emplacements - Outermost Wing, other defense platforms

Mining/Asteroids/Spaceborne Industry

Remember that there's at least some kind of station out here that it's being used for the acclimatization regimens. Also, Haladir owns some and is leasing the development rights to the crown.

"Almost Farthest Wing" - Groundport expansion


The arrival of two trees to Chalice sets a tone agreeable to some of the remaining Jisiensire nobles who went with Araelis to colonize it, and they become forestry types. There's some beautiful and unusual timber in their area, and the imported trees flourish, and that gives them one of the major export areas. They also start a (gently) rivaling horse breeding arm, using the horses bought directly from Earth.

Village - Harat-Shar/Tam-illee/Eldritch

Church/Convent - first new extraplanetary convent of the Eldritch church


After 300ish years of waiting, the Faulfenza are reactivating in accordance with Faulza's wishes. The prime movers here are Qora, Jan, and several others.

Embassy on Escutcheon - mission to Empress, Heir

Zafiil's Prophecies

Mission to the Chatcaava


Throneworld Social/Political - includes training of Imthereli Eldritch members (Tolden and Ran). We also get Ran's wedding to Juzie. Should figure out what Solanth and Firemint get up to (after gadding about the Alliance together for a while, during the middle portion of the Fallowtide).

Religious Changes - Role of females changing leading to--

--Civil Unrest/War


Unrest due to Chatcaavan War's ending

Search for slides - Troy still at this

Fleet has a lot of pirate problems, which is what Alysha and Brighthaven and that group is up to.


More Granular Timeline of Stories


Short stories: