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The name given by the Eldritch to the period between the end of the Chatcaavan War and the beginning of the next conflict. This is both an in-canon term (used by the characters) and a meta term (used to group the books that take place during this period).


Partial Timeline of Events
Partial Timeline of Events, Extended


A combination of the words 'fallow' (to lie unused/uncultivated for a period to restore) and 'tide' from the Old English (a point or portion of time, due time, period, season). The Eldritch constructed it so because they still use words like 'eventide'.

Notes here about what the characters have said about this period; who began it? Who decreed it? Who was the first to use the word? Someone did.


Probably should draw out a timeline here.


The major events in the Eldritch sphere include:

  • wedding of the imperial heir, Sediryl, to Jahir Seni Galare
  • investiture of Sediryl Galare
  • formation of the Eldritch Navy
  • establishment of several mining concerns in the asteroid belt
  • establishment of an allied military base with the Chatcaava
  • establishment of Faulfenzair embassy on Escutcheon (should list this somewhere, and detail the people assigned there)
  • first state visit of the imperial heir to Chalice
  • the events of Surela's trilogy

Note the major events that happen among the Chatcaava as well.

  • various rebellions the Emperor puts down with Lisinthir's help
    • The most important of these is with Apex-North
  • assignment of ships to Escutcheon to search for Traitor-Second, under the Twelveworld Lord's command



  • Sediryl's tutelage with the Faulfenza shifts when Paudii joins Auniira as teacher of the use of the Mindfire.
  • Second-Worldlord and Simone resume communication.
  • More Guardkin arrive to Escutcheon.
  • Fosterage visit from Gale and Whisper to Escutcheon


More Granular Timeline of Stories


Short stories: