Fassiana Delen Galare

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The head of the northern Galares. Mother of Liliarana.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Beautiful, graceful, self-disciplined, tranquil, and utterly intimidating. [1] Often described as having a regal bearing.

Hazel/caramel-ish eyes with blue flecks... like a darker, less pristine version of Liolesa's (which are the clear light yellow of topazes).


At some point, she went offworld to get help with fertility problems, enabling her to have Lili. [2] She left the world in company with Liolesa. [3]

She is one of Liolesa's few intimates (and knows it), but confesses that even so she doesn't know all that goes through the Empress's mind.[4] She's very politically acute, both locally and in interplanetary arenas, an avid reader of history and news, and comfortable and familiar with Alliance technology. Liolesa's family, the Jesa, would ordinarily be the head of the entire Galare House, but for political reasons cannot be seen to have so much power; which means that in practice, Fassiana as the head of the "northern" Galares is standing in for her as head of the Galare House. They confer closely about what they need done for the Galare.

Fassiana takes an interest in her tenants, but she has a lot of them so does not have time to consort with them personally. [5] This is almost entirely due to her being involved in Liolesa's larger schemes, and the fact that she is managing all the Galare families, not just the ones she is purportedly in charge of.


  • "Of course. But a Queen needs instruments, and we are Galare."[6]
  • "The outworld has given me a family, and Liolesa braved that world to bring it me. I have long hoped to give her something in return... what better than an adventuring niece?" [7]
  • "Comport yourself wisely, Sediryl--whatever that means to you. I cannot know your priorities. Make sure you do." [8]
  • "Go ask the Royal Procurer. Check the almanacs, and the ledgers. See you where our food comes from, Surela. And then tell me how you mean to solve the problem without the aid of the aliens." [1]


  • asked Sediryl to call her Great-Aunt, and calls her Niece
  • has a set of telegem-hidden earrings from Sediryl


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