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This page is about where to start in viewing or editing the wiki. If you aren't sure where to start in reading MCA Hogarth's works, see Where Do I Start?

What is the Peltedverse Wiki?

The Peltedverse wiki collects information about MCA Hogarth's Peltedverse setting, which deals with the social implications of genetic engineering, the culture clashes between aliens, the frictions that lead to interstellar wars and of course, space elves and their royalty. The wiki collects information from the very broad (wars!) to the very specific (what kind of breakfast they eat at Seersana University!).

I'm a reader, where should I start?

Wherever you like. Start browsing pages from the main table of contents, browse images in the collection of images, perform a search for something that interests you, or try your luck with a random page.

I'd like to contribute to the wiki, what should I know?

Anyone who'd like to contribute to the wiki is welcome to do so. We ask that you only include canonical information on wiki pages (so no speculations, questions, etc.--just stuff from the books), but as long as you do that, you can start wherever you want. This might be noticing information from a book that hasn't been added to a page and adding it, or adding a link from one page to another, or adding a citation or reference, or even fixing a typo or formatting glitch. To make changes to a page, just select Edit in the upper right corner of the page.

Don't worry too much about making sure that everything is formatted perfectly, or get hung up if you're confused about how things are categorized. The wiki has many volunteers who can fix those issues for you as they come up.