Girl on Fire (Fiction)

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Second Edition Cover

Sediryl's origin story novel.

Publication Data

  • Series: Standalones
  • Book: Standalone
  • Publication Date: October, 2018
  • Editions: Ebook and Paperback
  • Revisions: 1


A coming-of-age story in the style of Mercedes Lackey, set in a galaxy full of aliens and adventures….

The Eldritch live hundreds of years, which means Sediryl Nuera Galare isn’t going to inherit the management of her family’s noble house–and all its rich farmland–anytime soon. So when she discovers that her world is only one among many, she doesn’t hesitate to kick off the dust of her provincial estate. That it gets her away from her oppressive mother and a smothering society is only a bonus.

But wonder isn’t the only thing waiting for a young woman trying her wings for the first time. When Sediryl finds love among the aliens, she’s faced with a difficult choice between duty and her heart’s desire.

Girl on Fire introduces Sediryl, the woman who will go on to figure so powerfully in the future of the Peltedverse. But before she was a firebrand, she had to be set on fire….

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: coming of age; space elves; multicultural; bisexual content; (head)strong female protagonist; young protagonist
  • Rating: PG for references to adult relations, difficult family relationships

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