Hautsuun (Knife)

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The Worldlord's Son

The Worldlord's second son, who was Reserve-East, the head of the Eastern Naval Reserve, and is now the Knife.

Physical Characteristics

He is older by about a decade than the previous Knife. [1]

His eyes are orange. [2]


Started out in engineering, advanced in the Navy until he became the commander of the Eastern Naval Reserve. He still has the habit of methodical thought he learned to become an excellent engineer, and might have remained one had he not he sought the power that command brings: a true son of the Worldlord, practical as well as successful. [1] While commanding the Eastern Naval Reserve he drilled them to standards unusual for reservists. [3]

He trusts but doesn't understand his father, and he knows his dam though she "may not remember" him; "she does not always remember things from day to day."[2]

He was present for the battle at Apex-East, serving as the Admiral-Offense's flag captain. [3]


  • "I have been increasingly concerned, Exalted… what Logistics-East has done, and Command-East… it isn’t right. To turn on a huntbrother this way and savage his flank. The navy has always had its ritualized contests because it is what we are. But this was no contest. No fair test. It was… It was treachery. When my sire contacted me, I was already hoping for a solution to this problem. He said we should back you because you would create a more sane empire."[2]
  • "My sire is… eccentric. We trust him, but do not always understand him."[2]
  • "I watch because your safety is my duty. My place is among the crews who guard you. But afterwards, I watch the viseos, because it is Beauty." [1]
  • "Knowledge is armament." [4]
  • "All the same: vengeance does not bring back the dead."[5]
  • "People are contradictory and whimsical, irrational. Their relationships are never tidy. Nothing is ever as perfect as a part machined to fit into another part. But I have come to discover that this inexactitude is paramount to the survival of a people. If everything did fit perfectly; if there were no errors; then there would be no room for change, either. Or serendipity. No one would see a new or novel solution. No one would see anything except what they already knew. We must live in uncertainty, my Queen, or our certainties will chain us." [6]


  • is learning Universal, which he deems "not difficult", unlike the "one the Ambassador speaks to his own species." [4]
  • learned to ride a horse during the first visit to Escutcheon [6]


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