Heartskein (Fiction)

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First Edition Cover

The story of Vasiht'h picking up his kits from Anseahla's temple and things that happened along the way. It is a reader commissioned book.

But so much more happens in this book. Both V and J and many others get character development and a reconsideration of their places in the world. Powers are explored. Many people are transported to Escutcheon. A riot quelled. and more.

Publication Data

  • Series: Standalones
  • Book: Standalone
  • Publication Date: February 2020
  • Editions: Ebook and Paperback
  • Revisions: 1
  • Reader-Commissioned Book


For as long as he could remember, Vasiht'h planned on starting a family, a plan that surviving the war only made more urgent. The temple on Anseahla has summoned him at last to pick up his new kits, an errand he decides will be an excellent opportunity to have some alone-time with his partner, Jahir. But his partner is now an imperial prince-consort, and Vasiht’h himself has more responsibilities than he anticipated, and it isn’t long before their private getaway turns into a huge production. And that’s before the children join the party!

But becoming a father is only one of the changes that Vasiht’h must accept as he moves into this newest phase of his life. For the longest time he’s thought of himself as living in an Eldritch shadow. If he wants to thrive–if he wants to lead his contingent of Glaseah to a fuller life themselves–he has to accept that sometimes a supporting role is just an excuse to stay out of the limelight….

Heartskein is a cozy science fiction novel and returns to the dreamhealers in their new roles as powers in the new Eldritch Empire: Jahir is now a married man and a prince, and Vasiht’h an administrator, a lord, and a father! But no matter what changes, some things stay the same: like a bond of love stronger than wars and unconquered by time. Come unwind, and meet the babies!

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: parenthood; space elves; multicultural; asexual; aliens; family; relationships
  • Rating: PG for references to adult situations

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