In Extremis (Fiction)

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First Edition Cover

The fifth book of the 6-book Princes' Game series covering the Chatcaavan War.

Publication Data[edit]

  • Series: Princes' Game
  • Book: 5
  • Publication Date: May 2017
  • Editions: Ebook, Paperback
  • Revisions: 1


An Eldritch Ambassador began the regeneration of a dragon, a regeneration that nearly ended in the harem of a Chatcaavan worldlord. Rescued before he could die, the Emperor now faces the nearly impossible challenge of assailing an empire intent on conquest while reconciling the life he lived before with the person he’s becoming.

He can’t do it alone.

Sediryl’s impending capture by pirates inspired her to a daring gamble, one that landed her in the confidences of their megalomaniacal leader. That this has placed her perfectly to pass intelligence to her allies is a stroke of luck, one that ties her to the very heart of the Empire and the fragile link that holds them all together.

That link is dying.

Neither the Chatcaavan Empire nor the Alliance will recover from the titanic clash toward which they are accelerating… and the only thing standing between them is a frail network of rebels and spies, of allied Eldritch and Pelted and Chatcaava. But can such different people hold together against such impossible odds? And can they pay the cost to stop an unwinnable war, when the price is so incredibly high?

Tags and Content Notes[edit]

  • Tags: psychology, high stakes politics, pirates, galactic war, ensemble cast, dragons, furries, elves (space)
  • Rating: R for violence, abuse, adult situations

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The original title for this book was One Darkened Eye in reference to a line in Book 4 about how the Emperor had changed: "The way was cold and dark, and there was in it a negation that would have horrified him before; the Survivor, who had become Dainty, could only accept it, because there was no alternative. And yet it was the Emperor-who’d-been who saw the political aspects of it clearly enough to know the end. He was, he thought, Changed. He saw now with one eye darkened." [1]

Teasers/Marketing Graphics[edit]

  • The Jahir Teaser
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  1. Only the Open, Chapter 14