Jerisa Galare

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First Queen of the Eldritch.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The golden-eyed Queen. Her amber-phase eyes crop up predictably throughout the Galare bloodlines.


Jerisa's journals are handed down by the Eldritch queens (and read only by them, as of Liolesa's time). Liolesa called them "...interesting... reading." [1]

Was one of the drivers of the Eldritch exodus from Earth. Lived to see the colonization of Escutcheon and then ruled as queen, basically from touchdown until her death. She lived only 149 years, a short span compared to the other first generation Eldritch.

On landing, the Eldritch were beset by the native beasts, who preyed on their limited psychic abilities. She talked Corel (not a friend) into an experimental treatment, the details of which she wouldn't disclose to him, but which involved the addition of native animal genetic material to his in hopes of heightening his powers. The treatment worked, but created a great deal of other physical/biological problems in Corel; despite that, he led the campaign against the native beasts and pruned them back so successfully that he became wildly popular. Wanting no rivals, Jerisa convinced Corel that he'd murdered his lover Elsabet in one of his fits, and drove him to suicide. Then she used what she learned from the progress of the changes in his body to alter her own, and the Galares, more successfully.

After this she set the clergy to hunting treasonous and powerful people, and to spreading rumors that Corel had been responsible for slaying the Eldritch, rather than the beasts, and that he'd desired her crown, and that his powers had driven him insane.


Val says she used her status as High Priestess as an excuse not to marry. [2]

Very briefly married, stayed unmarried thereafter... or so it's said. It's debatable whether her 'marriage' was actually formalized, or if this was a story told later to legitimize her children. (From Liolesa Galare page)

Quotes (About Her)[edit]

  • "Elsabet was hardly a reliable narrator… and Jerisa was in fact the narcissist she seems in the histories… but nothing less would have held together a group of people long enough to leave Earth, re-engineer themselves into a new species, and survive as a single nation on a world that very nearly killed them all. She was a visionary and a tyrant, and were it not for her we would have perished here."
--Liolesa Galare [1]
  • "Also, Jerisa was a selfish tyrant, and didn’t suffer anyone to share power with her. Since she was, however, a visionary, a warrior, and the reason why we exist today, I have no qualms naming a warship after her. Let her venom daunt our enemies."
--Liolesa Galare [1]



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