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For dropping the occasional joke images and explanations of in-jokes or reader-community-jokes.


Meta-Conversations: Author with Sediryl

  • Book Too Long
  • Solutions
  • Yay Ruined
  • Bad Playlist

The Queen Ransomed

  • Trauma
  • Rapunzel
  • Romance

Jahir and Lisinthir

  • Sparklehorses
  • Lurid Covers

The (first) Knife and Uuvek

  • Fan Club
  • what is a fan club
  • Fan Club Shirts
  • Females Like It
  • Oh No Plush
  • Action Figures
  • We Ship It
  • Popcorns

Kuuvel's Adventures

  • A Plastic Heart in the Surgeon's Drink

Wiki Editing

  • Stomp, drawn by CaptainQ
  • Stomp2, by CaptainQ