Julien Steffis

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Darya and Steffis

The Asanii engineer who fought with Darya in Strand and made peace with her in Faith.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

  • Striped[1]
  • Hair long enough to tie back into a tail.[2]
  • Low alto
  • Uninterested in sex


Julien Steffis grew up in a community consisting almost entirely of Asanii and didn't meet most of the other Pelted races until attending Fleet Academe; she was specifically wary of Harat-Shar, about whom she had heard rumors.[2]

At some point when she was a lieutenant, Steffis was assigned to the UAV Stardancer in the engineering track. During the exploration of Amity, Steffis was in charge of the landing site when they "lost" Alastar Virgil (who had fallen afoul of the neurotransmitter chemicals in the water of the Speaker's Cave), and helped coordinate the resulting search.[3] Later, Taylitha Basil sent her with Darya Darteriov to search for the missing Alysha Forrest, but found one of the Octopi instead.[1][4]


  • "Ha! HA! The forces of virtue prevail because the forces of evil are stupid!" [5]


  • Ballet aficionado, attends as many in-person performances as she can manage [6]
  • likes an orderly work and home environment, particularly likes edges to match up [6]
  • Swears by 'sun and stars'[2]