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Juzie and Ran as teens

Impetuous young Galare girl, cradle-married to an Asaniefa boy. Juzie is her milk name; her full birth name is Jusinel Catha Galare, daughter of Filisin Catha and Barrinor. [1] Her governess is her mother's impoverished relation Solanth Catha.


As a child at her betrothal: "a snub nose and a friendly smile and eyes too large for the face she was still growing into." [2]

Her Aunt Solanth braids Juzie's hair in styles appropriate to an engaged maiden. [3]

She can never sit still, especially when thinking. Her favorite thing, according to Ran, is getting in trouble. [1]

She can't stop talking when she's nervous.[3] Examples include:

  • “You have the ears of a rabbit!” Jusinel blurted. And hastened to add, “That’s a compliment, everyone should have fine hearing, and also rabbits are lovely, and have incredibly soft fur, and are delicious as well as useful.”

    Solanth said mildly, “You should have stopped at ‘soft fur.’ Or perhaps not embarked on that digression at all.”[3]

  • “Does that mean you’re not going to admit to that dragoness being your bosom bow? Oh, I hope that you will, as I like her ever so much. And the two of you make such a handsome pair! Like matched carriage horses—oh, no, I’ve done it again.”

    “Yes,” Solanth said, suppressing her laugh. “You have.”[3]


Relative of Sediryl and Jahir. Young enough to be excited over candy in the Seni village. Betrothed to Kirthander Osin Asaniefa, a young boy from House Asaniefa (not stated until Farmer's Crown but it is mentioned that the family's colors are green and electrum, with a centicore emblem). The betrothal is what brought Sediryl, Jahir, and Vasiht'h to Escutcheon when Vasiht'h got adopted. [2]

Juzie and Ran used to race through the Catha grounds and climb trees and throw nuts at each other. [1]

She and Kirthander volunteer to go the Chatcaavan Empire with Lisinthir and the Queen Ransomed, along with Tolden and Qora [4] (Though we don't see the actual leave-taking.)

On the Chatcaavan Throneworld, Juzie has a room in Solanth's suite; Ran sneaks out nightly from his bed in the boys' dormitory to visit her there. They suspect that Solanth knows about this but does not wish to interfere. They spend their mornings learning languages and cultures "and suchlike" with the Emperor's children. In the afternoons, Juzie joins the other girls, promptly talking her way into Hope's Navy, and teaching the dragon children how to have tea parties. (Judging by the number of insults done to her gowns, there is at least as much climbing of furniture and throwing of balls involved as there is eating and drinking.) [1] [3]


  • "I'm a Galare. We all speak Universal."[2]
  • "I think it's a fine adventure. Cousin Sediryl was just telling me that it's customary for people who are about to get married to do one wild thing before they settle down. It's called a bachelorette event."[2]
  • "I want to have a job one day."[2]
  • "But anyway I am looking forward to our babies, regardless of the cuteness of any babies, because I know we'll feel much differently about our own babies than we do about other people's. Because they'll be ours, and ours will naturally matter more than other children." [1]
  • "It's a little bit fun, getting angry about things that matter." [1]
  • "Yes, I know, properly reared young women are not supposed to talk about people keeping lovers on the side. But it's exactly the things we're not supposed to talk about that are the most important, Aunt, because they're usually the ones that trip us if we don't know about them! Of course I should know about mistresses. And the male equivalent, but no one has ever told me what we call them." [3]
  • "This... is when I say that lying is a sin, again, but I don't want to answer?" [3]
  • "I am a very bad young lady, but you must admit I might make a staggering politician!" [3]
  • "Of all the wretched arts I am supposed to enjoy, the only one I actually do is designing gowns. Well, that and archery. Can I have a set brought here, Aunt Solanth? The Chatcaavan boys are all so proud of flying that I think it would do well to give the girls some way to deflate their insufferable sense of consequence. I can't think of anything better than using them for target practice. [...] With play arrows, of course! Perhaps tipped with sponges! I hear sponge artillery is now all the crack!" [3]
  • "I expect you to conquer worlds for me, you know. No paltry minor grant on Escutcheon like mine, not with a patron like the head of House Imthereli. I would like an interstellar estate, and gobs of riches, and especially I'd like you in armor, commanding dozens of starships, while all the other girls repine because their husbands are spineless fops." [1]


  • Likes pynade
  • Thinks penmanship is pointless


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