Kirthander Nanech Imthereli

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Ran and Juzie as teens

Juzie's betrothed boy. Poor guy. Asaniefa got disbanded when he was a tween. -_-

Was Kirthander Osin Asaniefa.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Has Asaniefa's green eyes and widow's peak.


Milk name is Ran. [1]

Mother's name is Carisil. [2]

Betrothed to Jusinel Catha Galare as a boy as part of an attempt to make political connections between Asaniefa and Galare, a marriage that became unnecessary after Surela's treason caused Asaniefa's dissolution. After the announcement, stayed with the Catha Galares until he was sent, with Lisinthir, to visit the court of the Chatcaava. While at the dragon court, Lisinthir drafted him into serving as his page, with the promise of possible adoption into Imthereli as a cadet branch of the House, if they decided that they "suited". [1]

Was inducted into Imthereli two weeks prior to their departure for Escutcheon for the birth of Lisinthir's heirs, at which time he accepted two swords from Lisinthir to establish his new bloodline. He chose his new family name, Nanech, which is Chatcaavan for action (which is also the word for defiance). [3] Formal documents attesting to his adoption were filed during the visit that saw the birth of Lisinthir's heirs.[4]

Now the companion of Madoc, the Guardkin.


  • “We’ve been growing up fast since we were born,” Ran said. “It’s just that now, we’re not protected from the reasons we had to.” [5]


  • Likes the old stories/sagas of Eldritch heroes
  • Is a bit of an artist/draftsman


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