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This list groups books by their series, in order. Note that this list includes only full books or collections, and does not break out short fiction. This list should be used strictly to check series reading order.

See also: List of Fiction by Publication Date and List of Fiction by Internal Chronology

General Pelted[edit]

The Military Stories[edit]

The main series in this cluster of books is the Stardancer series (sometimes also called the Alysha Forrest series). There is also a collection which includes other military characters.

Main Sequence[edit]

Category for this series on the wiki is Stardancer Series.

Adjunct Series/Collections[edit]

The Eldritch Sequence[edit]

The Eldritch books encompass the stories of the Eldritch and the Chatcaavan War, with multiple series.


Right now includes only Sediryl's 'origin story'.


Jahir and Vasiht’h: xenopsychiatrists who specialize in multicultural/multispecies therapy. These two reappear in Lisinthir and Sediryl's series.

Category for this series on the wiki is Dreamhealers Series.

Her Instruments[edit]

Reese and Hirianthial: intrepid (poor) trader meets space-prince wanted by slavers; hijinks inevitable.

Category for this series on the wiki is Her Instruments Series.

Princes' Game[edit]

Lisinthir: duelist turned ambassador—to the most dangerous society in known space.

Summary is counted as book 7 by Amazon

Amazon structure for this series as of 2022: Book 1 * Even the Wingless Book 2 * Some Things Transcend Book 3 * Amulet Rampant Book 4 * [In Extremis (Fiction) |In Extremis]] Book 5 * In Extremis Book 6 * From Ruins Book 7 * Summary: The Prince's Game Series Reader's Guide (Princes' Game Book 7) Book 8 * Major Pieces

Category for this series on the wiki is Princes' Game Series.

The Fallowtide[edit]

This meta-series includes multiple duologies and standlones, following the characters of the other Eldritch series through the aftermath of the First Chatcaavan War.