Only the Open (Fiction)

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First Edition Cover

The fourth book of the 6-book Princes' Game series covering the Chatcaavan War.

Publication Data

  • Series: Princes' Game
  • Book: 4
  • Publication Date: June 2016
  • Editions: Ebook, Paperback
  • Revisions: 1


Greed. Power. Cruelty. These have been the watchwords by which Chatcaava of lesser means have been ruled for generations, and even the most valuable among them, the Slave Queen, has lived the whole of her life beneath their yoke. Only one male in all the Empire is beyond those depredations…

…or was.

The Exalted Emperor of the Chatcaavan Empire was willing to be changed by the lessons he learned from the mouth—and hands—of an alien, but that willingness left him vulnerable to his own predatory peers. When the males he entrusted to help him reform the court betray him, he has no choice but to flee. But what lessons will he learn in exile? And can they prevent the implosion of an Empire that is already ripping itself apart?

Lisinthir, the Queen Ransomed, Jahir and Vasiht’h, Sediryl, and their host of Pelted allies have thrown themselves into the fray to prevent a catastrophic war. But none of their efforts will matter if they cannot save the male who alone can save them all.

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: psychology, high stakes politics, galactic war, ensemble cast, dragons, furries, elves (space)
  • Rating: R for abuse, violence, sexual situations

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