Pantheon (Fiction)

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A La Carte Kindle Edition Ebook Cover

A young Karaka'An woman plays cards. Also an excuse to make a disambig page and then a page for the card game, Pantheon (Game).

Publication Data

  • Series: Standalone
  • Book: Claws and Starships which has publication date on Amazon of Dec 18, 2011
  • Publication Date: Don't Remember
  • Editions: Ebook
  • Revisions: 1


Young cadet Renya made a deal five years ago to dedicate an altar to the gods on her future ship if she never lost a game of Pantheon. Now she has a chance to prove herself to her first captain, an expert Pantheon-player, and win a little renown for herself. But will the human deities of her new expansion set oblige?

This story is included in the collection "Claws and Starships."

Tags and Content Notes

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  • Rating: G

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