Peltedverse Virtues

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The virtues associated with each species in the Peltedverse.

By Species

Karaka'A Prudence Protection Knowledge Detail
Seersa Communication History Diplomacy Expression
Tam-illee Innovation Sincerity Industry Determination
Asanii Geniality Adaptability Mettle Competence
Harat-Shar Loyalty Boldness Consent Flexibility
Hinichi Reliability Faith Lawfulness Duty
Aera Freedom Exploration Independence Passion
Naysha Mystery Playfulness Grace Hereness
Malarai Empathy Generosity Acceptance Helpfulness
D-Pers Responsibility Imagination Reach Connection
Glaseah Patience Curiosity Stability Science
Phoenix Equanimity Clarity Presence Flight
Ciracaana Self-Determination Confidence Humor Spontaneity
Humans Diversity Resilience Creativity Vigilance
Eldritch Beauty Gallantry Discretion Poise
Chatcaava Change Power Evolution Survival
Faulfenza Serenity Fidelity Strength Perspective
Flitzbe Comfort Companionship Enigma Color
Akubi Vigor Enthusiasm Gregariousness Frankness
Platies Liminality Spacetime Movement Implacability
Octopi Friendship Sacrifice Wonder Flow
Sirelanders Adventure Clan Wanderlust Participation

By Virtue

Virtue Species
Prudence Karaka'A
Protection Karaka'A
Knowledge Karaka'A
Detail Karaka'A
Communication Seersa
History Seersa
Diplomacy Seersa
Expression Seersa
Innovation Tam-illee
Sincerity Tam-illee
Industry Tam-illee
Determination Tam-illee
Geniality Asanii
Adaptability Asanii
Mettle Asanii
Competence Asanii
Loyalty Harat-Shar
Boldness Harat-Shar
Consent Harat-Shar
Flexibility Harat-Shar
Reliability Hinichi
Faith Hinichi
Lawfulness Hinichi
Duty Hinichi
Freedom Aera
Exploration Aera
Independence Aera
Passion Aera
Mystery Naysha
Playfulness Naysha
Grace Naysha
Hereness Naysha
Empathy Malarai
Generosity Malarai
Acceptance Malarai
Helpfulness Malarai
Responsibility D-Pers
Imagination D-Pers
Reach D-Pers
Connection D-Pers
Patience Glaseah
Curiosity Glaseah
Stability Glaseah
Science Glaseah
Equanimity Phoenix
Clarity Phoenix
Presence Phoenix
Flight Phoenix
Self-Determination Ciracaana
Confidence Ciracaana
Humor Ciracaana
Spontaneity Ciracaana
Diversity Humans
Resilience Humans
Creativity Humans
Vigilance Humans
Beauty Eldritch
Gallantry Eldritch
Discretion Eldritch
Poise Eldritch
Change Chatcaava
Power Chatcaava
Evolution Chatcaava
Survival Chatcaava
Serenity Faulfenza
Fidelity Faulfenza
Strength Faulfenza
Perspective Faulfenza
Comfort Flitzbe
Companionship Flitzbe
Enigma Flitzbe
Color Flitzbe
Vigor Akubi
Enthusiasm Akubi
Gregariousness Akubi
Frankness Akubi
Liminality Platies
Spacetime Platies
Movement Platies
Implacability Platies
Friendship Octopi
Sacrifice Octopi
Wonder Octopi
Flow Octopi
Adventure Sirelanders
Clan Sirelanders
Wanderlust Sirelanders
Participation Sirelanders