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The capital planet of the Alliance, in Sector Alpha.

Vital Statistics (At a Glance)

Pronounced SELL nohr. Possessive is Selnoran. Demonym is Selnenes.

  • Major Populations: mixed Pelted
  • Type: Core, capital world
  • Population: high
  • Gravity: Mediger 7 (high)
  • Native Language: Universal
  • Settled: 2471 (0 BA)
  • Current Allegiances: Alliance planet
  • Length of Year:
  • Length of Day: 25 hours, 12 minutes [1]


Settled a year after Seersana and Karaka'Ana (the first planets colonized by the Pelted). The year of the settlement of Selnor, the Accords were signed, which marks the birth of the Alliance as a political entity. All dates in the Alliance reckoning begin from this point (1 BA).

Battle of Selnor


Gravity is much heavier than Seersana, [2] but somewhat lighter than Anseahla. [3]

Has one moon, "a brighter satellite than Alastar was accustomed to."[4]


"Both the Alliance’s capitals had been purpose-built for their work, and their designers had wanted the natural beauty of their sites integrated with their architecture; as symbol, and as aspiration for the new federation they’d been creating."[5]

Pelipenele Argentson attended the Xenoanthropological University at Selnor.[6]

It's a three week trip by monorail from Alysha's hometown to Terracentrus.[7]

Some wine pairings from Brooke's imply landmarks:

  • Chien Blanc Select Harvest, Oceanbreath, Selnor, 477[8]
  • Serenitas Amabile, Moutainshadow, Selnor, 481[8]

Flora and Fauna

  • Flowers: fluorescent oranges, bright blues splotched with magenta and pink, coral petals shading to bright red at their curling edges. [9]
  • Ducks with plumage in startling rose pinks or bright oranges edged in black. [10]
  • Double-wings, ray-shaped aquatic mammals with four wings, set at right angles to one another, and forked tails [11]
  • the hook-nosed eagle, which is found only at very high altitudes; this is the bird featured on Fleet insignia and flags. It's most commonly found in the mountain ranges around and near Terracentrus.


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