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First Starbase, located in the Pelted's home system.[1] One of the only ones that has ever been noted to have more than one city-sphere.


Zafiil visiting the Trenches, around 175 BA

Starbase Alpha was the first starbase built by the Pelted during the formative years of the Alliance, and was the site where the Rapprochement was negotiated around 2611 (during the years 140-141 BA).

Starbase Alpha was the site of an early Faulfenzair scouting mission undertaken by Zafiil Paidiiza Qodii, around 175 BA.


  • Spindle
  • Aquaculture Sphere
  • Agriculture Sphere
  • Park Dome (has a destination, Splendor Station) [2]
  • 'other cities' including the one housing the Trenches [1]

Notable Locations

The Hull

This encompasses all the spaces made in the hull of the starbase, facing both inward and outward, and on Alpha constitute a large enough populace to form a second city in addition to the aerated sphere. The Trenches are located in the Hull.

The Trenches

A view of the Trenches, around the 480s BA

"There were outdoor markets in Veta’s city, but this was more exposed technology than the Alliance typically favored as an aesthetic. There was no attempt to disguise the starbase’s metal walls and floors; the shops were cut into the walls and stitched through with glowing blue and purple lights, and glittering fabric swags hung from the balconies, or across the corridors that narrowed into a warren of tunnels: nothing like a true night sky, and yet reminiscent of one anyway. There were raised platforms with kiosks selling coffee and kerinne and alcohol, and alcoves tucked beneath spiraling glass and metal stairs leading to second floors, and third, and fourth. And the people here wore glowing clothes or paint, like deep sea fishes, luminescent and lovely." [3]

Stores in the Trenches... or in the Hull
  • Mask Museum (where Lisinthir bought the masks)
  • Exodus (night club/dance place) - name emblazoned in fluorescent blue over its entrance; the dance floor is three stories tall, and terraced/staggered like in a theater; has a bar; also has a cover charge (and yet still charges for drinks what a racket)
  • Brooke's at Alpha restaurant (definitely in the Trenches)
  • Place that sells knives, which is near a ramp, manned by a delicate Tam-illee with very capable hands [4]
Possibly in the Trenches
  • Ninochka’s is the Harat-Shariin family style diner but I'm not sure if it's in the Hull or the Trenches or the city-sphere.

Hull, Not Trenches

There's apparently a lower part of the Hull that isn't part of the Trenches but is still much inhabited and I didn't give it a name, I don't think. "A less decorative part of the starbase's wall, one that looked more like the popular conception of such places: tree-lined corridors interrupted by large chambers that hosted various rooms or halls, the flexglass, metal, or plastic surfaces filmed with murals by local artists or soothing outdoor vistas imported from viseo feeds across the Alliance." [5] There is a gymnasium complex here, with a salle: mirrored walls and wooden floors. There's a security desk that runs checks before people go through, and they rent weapons out.

There's also a concert hall here somewhere, one big enough to have gallery seats, and seating "several thousand" people. It is up several levels from the Trenches, directionally.[4]

The City

The city-sphere is known as "The City" (in opposition to "The Hull"). [6]. It is on the same plane as the civilian port.

Locales in the City
  • outdoor cafe with no name

Park Dome

  • Splendor Station - a spacious building, its lines sleekly modern but somehow warmed by the sanded wood paneling that accented the enormous windows. The lodge overlooks a forested slope, with a crisp blue sky. Trees are mostly cedars. Spindle is visible in the 'sky'. [2] There is very little underbrush in the forest, but its very uneven terrain, with lots of rills and hummocks. Beyond the forest there are hills with short grasses, and apparently some kind of creature (butterfly? bird?) with yellow, white, and orange wings.

Fleet Passthrough

Not sure where this is, but it's a private entrance into the base (which is in the spindle), meant only for Fleet personnel and their families. The Pad station at the base of the Hull is one of the only facilities cleared to admit them to the administrative areas; at which point there's a central station that serves all the base's secured hubs. Fleet has its gate/passthrough there, flanked with windows and barred by a security arch. [7]

There's a lounge alongside the Fleet hub, sharing a windowed wall with it.[7]

The Spindle

The Spindle houses the Fleet base, as on every starbase.

The Tank

rough sketch of the tank

A special tank was built for the chair of the Alliance Council during the Rapprochement, on the Fleet base on Starbase Alpha. Since Dar Allen was Naysha, they constructed a long, narrow tank with a window wall, so that Dar Allen could negotiate with the humans and the various Pelted who comprised the team representing the Alliance. It was called the Accords' Ambassadorial Reflection Pool, but unofficially was referred to as 'the Tank' and it still is. The successful negotiation took place at the Tank, which is still in use, for august and routine functions (like Fleet mixers).


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