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The starbase where Sediryl made her home when she first left Escutcheon. [1]


The civilian port debouches into a park, which has a strip of cafes and shops just beyond it. [2]

The vocational school has its various classes taught in different parts of the starbase, depending on the curriculum. "The different disciplines we teach don’t share a core set of buildings. Your agriculture degree, for instance, is based in the agricultural habitat, and most people commute there via Pad because anything else would be too time-consuming. Though there’s an option for ‘living on campus’ for that degree involving the outpost houses. For a different example, the classrooms for the mechanical degree are over at the port, which isn’t too far from here, so some people choose to stay on the apartments we’ve built for students." [3]

Arts District

Has a central square, around which are many buildings (often tall and narrow): boutiques, studios, restaurants, and coffee shops.[2]

  • The Bohemian, a hotel. "A tall, narrow building sandwiched between a handful of others facing the central square."[2]
  • Cafe run by a Harat-Shar, spotted, named Jalina [4]

Agricultural Dome

The Pad station accepting people from the port is an observation tower: 'a nearly empty room with a floor and ceiling of warm wood and brass-colored metal. The walls were all flexglass French doors, flung open and overlooking rows and rows of crops beneath a flawless blue sky.' During Amulet Rampant the counter is manned by an Asanii. [5]

  • There's a vineyard in the agricultural dome.
  • And also a wheat field with a little cottage in the agricultural dome.

The crops are overseen by inhabited agricultural stations: "snug little houses" with small observational towers tucked at their corners, "like a minaret of a glass and metal castle, but it sported an otherwise rustic aesthetic, from the low roof to the rocking chair on the wooden porch."[5]


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