Starbase Gamma

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The starbase in the sector with the homeworld of the Asanii, Asanao.


  • The newest Fleet shipyard was built here, as an extension to the existing facilities for maintenance/repair. Formally named the Gamma Shipyard Facility, but called locally 'the yard.'
  • This starbase also has, in addition to its civilian citysphere, a sphere for its Academe satellite campus (the largest non-planetary campus of the Academe).
  • This was the location of the first in-Alliance TKI&I (the actual first TKI&I was on Akana Ris, which is not an Alliance colony, but a border world).

Research Sphere

The research center for Well technology moved from Asanao to Starbase Gamma when the starbase completed construction, to what is formally known as the Don Cattus Research Center, located in a sphere set aside specifically for it. This sphere quickly sprouted the Gamma Shipyard facility, dedicated to the manufacture of Fleet ships, as well as the largest Academe campus. While Gamma has a civilian city-sphere, like most starbases, the research sphere is actually the most developed, and has the highest population; the city-sphere is more pastoral than most of its type.

Military Base

Because of the research sphere, shipyard, and Academe campus, Sector Gamma is the most developed Fleet hub in the Bright Belt Core, giving its military base primacy that is only exceeded by Selnor (which hosts Fleet Central and the first Academe campus, as well as Terracentrus, where a large number of Fleet personnel are in residence).


  • Maegan Laphylinrii is the base's senior admiral/administrator. She has a female Seersa for an assistant.