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The place where the Earthrise brought Liolesa after the coup on Escutcheon. Has the Fleet base that provided medical facilities for Hirianthial, and the drydock that refurbished the Earthrise. This starbase is located in Sector Omega, the adjacent sector immediately spinward of Escutcheon's location.

Fleet Base

People We Meet

  • Ambassador Fetchpoint: a female Seersa, white fur pied with fire-red, wearing maroon edged in silver surmounted by a black cloak affixed with the alliance's crest
  • Admiral Ogaban: a human man, skin dark as chestnuts with a fringe of short black hair, in the Fleet's dress uniform, cobalt blue and black and gold and silver [1]


Personnel who cared for Hirianthial while he was there:

  • Healer Rosser, a dry-witted Hinichi, "wolfine man with fur the color of iron and eyes like winter skies, so pale they were almost white." [2]
  • Doctor Mayfield (almost certainly human)


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I come back and do these right someday. Moving out(Fiction), chapter 7, Not the nearest starbase to Escutcheon, but a close link. Omega is in the spinward corner of the sector.