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The starbase that REN Corel the First stopped at on return route from Anseahla to Escutcheon. and picked up the Intelligence Hold.

Omicron went with high-tech city theme, with massive skyscrapers.

Omicron had gone full-out with the high-tech city theme. Their party emerged onto a platform on a skyscraper—could he call it a skyscraper when the sky was artificial?—amid a forest of similar columns of steel and flexglass and sculpted crete. Arriving at sunset was punishingly beautiful, because the sky was aflame in reds and oranges and a smoky purple, and the buildings, silhouetted against that fire and beaded with lights, reflected the colors in their enormous glass panels. Transparent tubes connected these skyscrapers, and their brightly lit capsules flashed by so quickly they looked like jeweled fish, darting against a lake mirroring a sunset. The Pads debouched into a large receiving area, fanning into a balcony, and Vasiht’h went to it immediately to gape.[1]


  • The Cottage (restaurant in high rent area, serving home style food); "a restaurant with a silently revolving deck that showcased a view not just of the entirety of the city-sphere, but up through its clear dome at a spindle bedecked with lights that glowed against the darkening sky." [1]
  • Various parks, an entirely separate sphere for wilderness with numerous places for hiking
  • "An enormous complex" at the base of the tower for public meetings. "The plaza at the base of all these buildings was an artistic swirl of crete, glass, and metal, sculpted so that it led toward a central point. From above it had been too hard to see that this center point was partially grassed in landscaped strips that alternated with modern construction materials in a pattern that began flat and stairstepped downward toward an open air amphitheater."
  • "The boutiques in Omicron’s buildings were arranged in a brightly lit galleria zone at the same height across the entire city, and was accessible via sky bridges and capsule trains."


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