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The Alliance's sector hubs.


Starbases are moon-sized spherical stations built and maintained by the Alliance Fleet as military bases, FTL relays/switching stations, Pad relay stations, and starship fuel and weapon-making facilities. Each sector has a starbase.

Fleet owns and manages all starbases, which makes their construction plans identical. Fleet also manages the physical integrity and defenses of each starbase. But the city-spheres are contracted to the Colony Bureau, and are separately managed by the groups of people who choose to settle them.[1] The military section of the starbase tends to be small and set apart from the rest of the station, which is inevitably colonized by major civilian populations and used as merchant trading hubs.

Fleet Activities

  • Building
  • Refit
  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Refuel
  • Demolition/Decommission

Appearance and Layout


"'Is it… it looks like a world!'
'It does,' Briana answered, her eyes on her displays which hung before her in translucent panels like incense smoke trapped in geometric patterns. 'That’s not entirely a conceit. If you’re making a visual approach it’s easier to orient yourself with patterns, and we’re used to making sense of maps so it feels natural.'
That Briana might speak of it being ‘natural’ to navigate based on a view of the world that implied a way to see it from so far above its surface both exhilarated and shamed her, that her world had somehow never had this ability, and refused to embrace it. 'Is it paint then?'
'Oh no,' the Tam-illee said. 'A projection.'” [2]
"Intellectually he'd known that starbases were hollow, and that the structural member that ran the diameter of that hollow core was used to service Fleet vessels, and to shuttle them the fuel made by the colliders that covered the starbases's surface. [....]
[T]he interior of the starbase looked like ... an enormous empty sphere, studded with the globes of the habitats, with its single bar connecting each 'pole.' [....]
[T]he hatch at the pole...: a vast glittering collar ringed with lights, with traffic flowing in and out of it, all so small it had to be magnified to be seen unless it was very, very close.
The inside of the spindle was not a single, solid column, but several narrower ones that spiraled around an empty core. Those columns were surrounded in what looked like cables and gantries."[1]

There are enormous, pressurized bays lined by a corridor where small vessels (those capable of landing on planets) are repaired or resupplied; the largest of those vessels are typical Fleet Intelligence's, holding thirty crew. Anything over that size is relegated to the Spindle's microgravity, or the external slips. [3]


  • Designed by the Tam-illee[4]



Approach to the docks is overseen by Traffic Control (prefaced by the base name, so 'Alpha Traffic Control'). Question/response goes like this:

  • Base-Name Traffic Control to Name-of-Ship. Report in.
  • Name-of-Ship reporting. Requesting (whatever is requested: usually inbound) to (military or civilian dock). (Usually at this point confirm the ship type.)
  • TC will confirm request and assign a berth ("Civilian Passenger Dock" will be CPD with a number, like 'CPD-47'), and given a lane (incoming and outgoing traffic to various destinations have lanes, in which they will have queues. So 'sixteenth in the queue, inbound lane 17'). Followed by a request to confirm.
  • Response is something along the lines of 'we have inbound lane assignment number, and berthing assignment number. Confirmed.' (Thank you is always appreciated.)
  • Closing courtesies are brief: 'Name-of-Ship, out' and 'Base-Name, out.'

Described Starbases

  • Alpha - first built; Zafiil visited this starbase, and Lisinthir and Jahir had their tryst here before the First Chatcaavan War.
  • Ana - where Sediryl made her home after her exile, as a young woman
  • Gamma - the first TKI&I in the Alliance was located here
  • Fos - Reese was docked here when she received the message from Liolesa asking for her help rescuing Hirianthial
  • Omega - where Earthrise fled after the Eldritch coup, carrying Liolesa and Hirianthial
  • Omicron - Jahir and Vasiht'h laid over here on their way back from Anseahla when they picked up Vasiht'h's children
  • Psi - starbase where the Earthrise goes to buy livestock for Reese, post-coup
  • Veta - the second starbase ever built; Jahir and Vasiht'h had their practice here after their schooling


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