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Reader requests I've collected. Note that inclusion on this list does not mean these ideas will get used!


  • 10) Eldritch grandparents and elderly Eldritch
  • 11) Sediryl and her father
  • 14) Reese being REESE. Possibly riding to rescue. Definately - Reese needs another adventure!
  • 15) Reese's perspective of the shopping trip with Sediryl? (Major pieces of the major pieces, LOL!)
  • 16) ...Eldritch manuscript illuminator idk. >_>
    • 17.1) More Crispin, generally
  • 18) Eldritch commoner enters the Eldritch Naval Academy
    • Yes please!
  • 25) Sehvi-assisted ELDRITCH BABY BOOM
  • 26) Revitalization of Imthereli
    • 27) Eldritch moving into Imthereli for [insert reasons here]?
  • 32) More about Laisrathera’s nobility? Is Reese elevating them? Are they basically Reese’s crew made noble?
  • 34) Heir!Liolesa unexpectedly finds a lover...
  • 37) Stories of Settlement to the Pelted Newcomers from the Elder Eldritch
  • 38) I'd like to see more Guardkin/Eldritch interactions
  • 39) Joreht gave Jahir a “relaxing tonic” from an elderly Eldritch in the Seni village who knows herblore. Jahir and Hirianthial were very interested. I’d like to see how that develops.
  • 41) Bryer gets a family - how does that work? Who shows up to be his mate? What are small Phoenixae like? How do they get trained away from the home world?
  • 43) the old man with herbalist knowledge that Sehvi’s son had found at the tenant village. I want to know more about him! Maybe that meeting?
    • I’m curious too!
  • 57)g Jerisa's death has been noted as untimely. Was there a murder investigation? If not why not?


  • How Reese met her Flitzbe! Eseme envisions this as a nice start to a collection, sort of like how the Eldritch Queen and Mia are a good early story in Major Pieces.
  • Who followed Reese to Escutcheon? Why?
    • Does it have to do with the founder’s stone Irene and Sascha (and Hirianthial) got for her?
  • Reese has children, finally
    • Would Reese’s family come to see her children? Would she visit them, even after they kicked her out?
  • Day in the life of poor!Reese vs rich!Reese
  • Fluffy story starring Sascha and Irene and cute Fleet boy + cute Fleet boy's sister - YES
  • How did that cafe in Laisrathera get started? (Badger)
  • More about Reese’s village
  • Esme would love to see how Lunet ends up living with Reese. Who names her Lunet?


  • More of Alastar
  • More Felsha and Darya show! (Eseme seconds this)
  • Fleet visits Chatcaavan Throneworld from Fleet's perspective, post-BoS


  • Emperor Uneuvin's kids visit/explore Escutcheon - seconded, also the fosterings generally
  • What does it mean to “come of age” in the new Chatcaavan society?
  • More of the super funny surgeon (I still want him to get to the Seersana clinic eventually) - YES, seconded!