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Anything readers want to see at any point in the future. I’ll use this data to add things to novels, or plan bonus scenes/materials, or even decide on doing future collections like Major Pieces.

This used to be on Google Docs but I'm more likely to find it here.

Note that inclusion on this list does not mean these ideas will get used!

See also Bounties


  • 1) A Tam is on a distant world when the disaster strikes. see picnicfield discord for full.
  • 3) What did the queen do with foreknowledge (presumed) of Tam home world disaster. Tell/console tams? Tell allies? (Sean)
  • 4) Jahir's and Sediryl's moms being court nice (not very) at each other.
  • 5) More of Tolden
  • 6) Tolden's adventures in Chatcaavan Throneworld + Juvie and the Asaniefa (!) boy - seconded
  • 7) Briana - Sediryl’s pilot from Girl on Fire!
  • 8) Sediryl’s dad (Haladir) and Jahir’s mom (Jeasa) together.
  • 9) Courting. Definitely courting - yes! Seconded!
    • 9,1) Thirding!
    • 9.2) Haladir and Jeasa need to go see the Alliance. Perhaps a visit to Dondi's restaurant? On their honeymoon??
  • 10) Eldritch grandparents and elderly Eldritch
  • 11) Sediryl and her father
  • 12) What the other D-Pers do for fun - seconded
  • 13) The hasty creation by mortal programmers and DPers of a DPer to counsel people through grief caused by pirates destroying worlds and billions of lives. A DPer Grief Counselor for deeper grief. Billions of semi-trained grief counselors themselves grieving, giving advice to people. Stadiums full of people getting mass grief counseling. MMORPG grief games to try to help. Would the anniversary of the event be in universal or that World's time and date? Prayers for their souls.(Sean)
  • 14) Reese being REESE. Possibly riding to rescue. Definately - Reese needs another adventure!
  • 15) Reese's perspective of the shopping trip with Sediryl? (Major pieces of the major pieces, LOL!)
  • 16) ...Eldritch manuscript illuminator idk. >_>
  • 17) Crispin arriving on the Eldritch homeworld and why he's there
    • 17.1) More Crispin, generally
      • Agreed.
  • 18) Eldritch commoner enters the Eldritch Naval Academy
  • 19) Second planet of Eldritch Empire finds something Interesting and communicates to home base about it
  • 20) Sediryl and Araelis, Araelis and the Harat-Shar, Araelis and Lesandurel
    • 21) Since we have confirmation that Fasianyl is still alive and exploring, something with her (and her D-per) visiting Chalice (or Escutcheon) to see a Harat-Shar / Eldritch culture
    • Yes please!
  • 23) I know it's inevitable but Beth starting more fires
    • 23.1)Also perhaps one or two fires being so utterly inconsequential that it’s rendered to background noise/indirect mention
  • 24) Beth post-break off with Amber
  • 25) Sehvi-assisted ELDRITCH BABY BOOM
  • 26) Revitalization of Imthereli
    • 27) Eldritch moving into Imthereli for [insert reasons here]?
    • 27.1) & discovering Eldritch already there (only they’re Chatcaava!)
  • 28) Vashit’h and Valthial meeting the first time
  • 29) More of Vashit’h’s own mental prowess outside of Jahir and his partnership - YES
  • 30) Smol Dragonchilde and her bows and enthusiasm. - seconded
  • 31) Fun with Flitzbes!
  • 32) More about Laisrathera’s nobility? Is Reese elevating them? Are they basically Reese’s crew made noble?
  • 33) Sediryl using Maia’s gift
  • 34) Heir!Liolesa unexpectedly finds a lover...
  • 35) Lisinthir brings his heirs for presentation (and has some un-cousinly moments with Jahir!)
  • 36) Lunet + Imthereli heirs + QR and Emperor’s child + Sediryl and Jahir’s kids upending the Eldritch court
    • 36.1) How would Eldritch noble society deal with twins, anyway?
    • 36.2) Very curious about this, and I’m all for upending in the Eldritch court.
  • 37) Stories of Settlement to the Pelted Newcomers from the Elder Eldritch
  • 38) I'd like to see more Guardkin/Eldritch interactions, and not just the Queen with her boys, but maybe one/some of Reese's people and having a small adventure with the guardkin? (not Sean) Also the country Eldritch were planning on breeding dogs, got some other than Guardkin, maybe and breeding Guardkin? Could be awkward as Guardkin have their own minds. (Sean)
  • 39) Joreht gave Jahir a “relaxing tonic” from an elderly Eldritch in the Seni village who knows herblore. Jahir and Hirianthial were very interested. I’d like to see how that develops.
    • 39.1) What career does Joreht decide to go into?
  • 40) Surela's initial foray off planet - I loved watching Sediryl discover stuff and I'd love to see how Surela's very different backstory makes it different… (fulfilled in summer 22, now spring 22)
  • 41) Bryer gets a family - how does that work? Who shows up to be his mate? What are small Phoenixae like? How do they get trained away from the home world?
  • 42) Hirianthial and Val discussing Kishet’h gift of the book about the early first glasean mind mages.
  • 43) the old man with herbalist knowledge that Sehvi’s son had found at the tenant village. I want to know more about him! Maybe that meeting?
    • I’m curious too!
  • 44) Maybe a scene where the Eldritch tailors get the challenge of dressing a Glasehan?
  • 45) Insinuated on the Discord but: This scandal and rumor-filled broadsheet: how, exactly, did it come about and how open was Liolesa in acquiring the materials?
  • 46) Val and Belinor -- what's up with that?
  • 47)The singers sent to Chalice in "12 Days" get a treat: a vacation/exploration in a starbase. As they like adventure and education and shelter and food and new things and new songs. Send a Tam as translater/guide? Culture shock and exploration and sharing once they find other musicians. Musical cross fertilization. Once 12 days is finalized and published.
  • 48)Every time a repository of records has burned down, just about anyone who needs a new start finds it convenient to say they were born there. Rebels have sometimes burned one down to give themselves a documentary refuge. I believe this has happened in Ireland, at minimum. You will have to decide if the destruction and disruption on Tam-illee created such an opportunity in the Pelted modern world. Your rogues and displaced will thank you if so. Anyone who later claims to have been born there will be looked at, even though 8 billion(??) did live there. “funny, you don’t look tam-ish” (Sean)
  • 49)The Queen R takes the Eldritch shape to get consent from those who do not speak and then takes the shapes of a Guardkin and an Flitzbe. Insight? Fun? Hilarity? Especially since one of those shape is true alien. (Sean)
  • 50)Eldritch need something like the Glaseah's genetic repository so that a revolution or space stone strike will not eliminate a large and precious part of their genome.(Sean)Maybe others since it has been shown how large a part of any gernome can be deleted by a space rock.
  • 51)Guardkin asking to emigrate to the Glaseah world. It is only logical and the two peoples are made for each other. Might cause immigration of Irish or German proportions, limited only by the population size of Guardkin. Reciprocity:The Guardkin, using the same financial and legal arrangements that got them to the Eldritch home world, want to import a "breeding pair" or a group up to colony size of Glaseah into the Hinichi/Guardkin world. Likely without any more 'by your leave' as the Hinichi gave them. It is an alternative to the Guardkin emigrating. Note: Guardkin world is meduim grav, Glaseah is heavy-ish grav.(Sean)(Im going to move all this and more to the Guardkin discussion page)
  • 52)Here's a thought: What kind of relationship, if any, do the Queen Ransomed and a growing Lunet have?
  • 53)A story about a pirate who did skin people, but now wants redemption/relief/his 'humanity' or soul back (Sean)
  • 54) The Seledor Jesa Galare notes scream story! A wanderer gone missing for a long time and no one knows where or why or what happened, nor seems to have cared to find out. A wanderer who could still just be off stage, maybe found the Faulfenza? (partially addressed in Z's story, likely resolved in Z book 3)
  • 55) A producer with a taste for authentic wants to hire a few Eldritch to play parts in a war epic about the dragon war, and is hiring. Method actors welcome, will hang one on a wall.
  • 56) The story of the Tams rescued from their homeworld by Sediryl and the Glaseah who would settle on Eldritch homeworld.
  • 57)g Jerisa's death has been noted as untimely. Was there a murder investigation? If not why not?

places where the above have been at least partially answered[edit]

Stories too obvious to write?[edit]

These are stories where nothing can be added to a reader's quick imagination, so likely boring to write and read, correct?


  • How Reese met her Flitzbe! Eseme envisions this as a nice start to a collection, sort of like how the Eldritch Queen and Mia are a good early story in Major Pieces.
    • More Flitzbe!
  • Include the existing story about why K’set left academia! (Eseme)
  • There are a bunch of good Reese ideas in the Eldritch section… (Eseme)
  • How did things work out on the Horse Planet? Does Reese find out on a horse-buying trip? (Eseme)
  • Hirianthial has horses on Earth. Interbreed? Trade tp horse planet?
  • Bryer hanging his banners, looking for a mate (Eseme)
  • Who followed Reese to Escutcheon? Why?
    • Does it have to do with the founder’s stone Irene and Sascha (and Hirianthial) got for her?
  • Reese has children, finally
    • Would Reese’s family come to see her children? Would she visit them, even after they kicked her out?
  • Day in the life of poor!Reese vs rich!Reese
  • Reese learns Eldritch (from Irene, maybe?)
  • Fluffy story starring Sascha and Irene and cute Fleet boy + cute Fleet boy's sister - YES
  • Reese at an Eldritch function {See Rose Point Holiday?}
    • Bonus points for Eldritch nobility coming to a function Reese throws
    • Bonus points for a hostile faction function
      • "...She is a power. We must assess her."
      • "She has horses and I want one
  • How did that cafe in Laisrathera get started? (Badger)
  • A servant’s view of the final fight at the palace {see Legacy from Major Pieces, it almost fits (Sean)}
  • A day in the life of an Eldritch servant in service of the new eccentric human lady
  • Post A Rose Point Holiday (as a sort of follow up to that story with the conflict between the village members and its head woman)
  • More from the POV of the servants at Ontine, or at Rose Point
  • More about Reese’s village
  • Meander! Laisrathera meander! While we’re thinking about the Firithel villagers.
  • Esme would love to see how Lunet ends up living with Reese. Who names her Lunet?
  • More Jonah NotAgain, please. (He could be a lovely bridge to Alysha and the Stardancer!)(and how did he get that name? Oh, no, NotAgain? Anyway he needs his own page and a citation for where he is referenced.


  • More of Alastar
  • More Felsha and Darya show! (Eseme seconds this)
    • Steffis takes Felsha and Darya to the ballet (The Universe is Small: they are taken to one of Simone’s performances) - seconded, thirded, fourthed
  • Alysha/random Pelted Captain's perspective of the Battle of Selnor
  • Alysha (assuming she survived/was there to begin with) in the aftermath of the Battle of Selnor, possibly meeting up with new Chatcaavan allies
  • Alysha/random Pelted Captain visit border world
  • Fleet visits Chatcaavan Throneworld from Fleet's perspective, post-BoS
  • Eseme ships Taylithia and Mike - more of them please. (Lemur) Mike does have that certain prejudice that HE NEEDS TO GET PAST… :-)
  • Pre-Gledig Kameney
    • I still think Kameney before her descent into madness and evil would be interesting
  • Alysha has to work with the Harat-Shar militia
  • More of the really nice friendship and community like in the most recent one.
  • More romance!
  • Alysha et. al. meet major characters from the other storylines And (sean) does she survive the war? does the Stardancer?
  • The Stardancer rotates into Escutcheon space!
  • Dark Lighthouse is a very good first story, it sets up the situation, but does not resolve. While its is true that some situations IRL do not get resolved, there are often consequences to a lack of resolution. (Sean)(later, a later story shows she is just not into interpersonal relations much, true?)
  • Why is Alysha militarily competent? Ditto the Stardancer? Especially when the Pelted military is just learning baby steps of combat?{See In Good Company (Fiction) as well as a few other Alysha stories, she had an interest in military history, it is mentioned somewhere}
  • I really want to mention the two stories coming out december 22.


  • Earth should offer, from whatever of its bounty survived,to replenish Faulfenza ecology. The current list of surviving Faulfenza critters is far too short.That Grand Galactic Chicken should be one such offering. I do not expect that anyone would need to lecture the Faulfenza on the problems of introducing species. Since the Pelted's ecology has part of Earth's plus whatever they found on their worlds, they should also offer.
  • Story requests: First contact with the Faulfenza and the 1) Pelted 2) Terrans, 3) Chatcaava 4_) anyone else. see Emmer InTheMirror. Also see Zafiil, for 1), 3)


  • Emperor Ueneuvin solidifying support among Southern and Western wings of Empire against Northern and Eastern wings
    • Goes to personally release slaves from particularly obstinate holder?
  • Queen Ransomed in her power
  • Emperor Uneuvin's kids visit/explore Escutcheon - seconded, also the fosterings generally
  • Worldlord!Second visits (or doesn’t visit) Simone
  • Queen Ransomed’s favorite foods in various forms
  • The Emperor’s favorite foods in various forms
  • Life among the Castrates and the servants {see Legacy in Major Pieces}
  • Life after for women no longer in harems., four armed females would be awesome surgical assistants, huh? - seconded
  • Here’s another idea: Chatcaava enroll in Seersana U Or (Sean) in the human marines. For that matter, a water based species enrolling in the marines.
  • Starbucks championship in the Empire: Chatcaavan baristas compete for the title of Barista - yes!!!
  • The continuing saga of Hope’s Navy. Also Hope’s Navy meet’s J&S’s twins.
  • What does it mean to “come of age” in the new Chatcaavan society?
  • More of the super funny surgeon (I still want him to get to the Seersana clinic eventually) - YES, seconded!
  • Someone should visit the clinic at J&V’s university. For SCIENCE!
  • (Lemur) Knife-that-was (now Liaison) and Laniis and the rest of their FIA Crew in SPY ADVENTURES! Also, some possible romantic tensions between them and Na’er? He strikes me as the jealous type and he’s not fond of dragons…
  • (Lemur) More Uuvek & Maia!
  • (Lemur) You guessed it - More Attendant! He’s not just a total cinnamon bun, but he’s a character that’s more comfortable as another species, which is something worth exploring, surely!
  • (Sean) The Emperor takes a Faulfenzqa shape, Does it come with fire ability? Or is that dependent on the worship of the F gods? The empress can and has, I forgot if she can use fire.

HOLIDAY STORIES COLLECTION (includes all series!)[edit]

  • The Case of the Snow Maiden - already written, add it
  • Season’s Meaning - already written, add it
  • Precious Things - already written, set at the Holidays, add it
  • V’s first Holiday Season with the Eldritch. He and his whole family would get to celebrate a new holiday!
  • The Holidays at Rose Point, 1-5 years after Rose Point Holiday. What has changed? What traditions were added? Did the Eldritch Teen’s mother ever change her mind about Reese?
  • How do Alysha and crew celebrate on a Starship?
  • Do Chatcaava have a holiday for their New Year, or one around the winter solstice? How about the F
  • A Hinchi Christmas (sean->)with Guardkin (see Guardkin discussion first)
  • Do Naysha (spelling corrected (Sean)) have holidays? Do the Platies?
  • Do we need a holiday story for other Pelted races? other aliens? Faulfenza? {We have Every Man, Woman, and Idiot for the fluzballs}
  • Someone else wrote this in another section : Elaborate alien customs! Particularly holidays
  • Pelted Thanksgiving/harvest/feast type festivals not necessarily Christimas-esque.
  • Ditto celebration of spring?
  • Liberation/Freedom holidays, major leader celebrations
  • Are there any equivalent of Guy Faulks day celebrations? Or stories of how they came to be?
  • I really want to mention the two stories coming out december 2022.


  • Earth should offer, from whatever of its bounty survived,to replenish Faulfenza ecology. The current list of surviving Faulfenza critters is far too short.That Grand Galactic Chicken should be one such offering. I do not expect that anyone would need to lecture the Faulfenza on the problems of introducing species. Since the Pelted's ecology has part of Earth's plus whatever they found on their worlds, they should also offer.
  • Story requests: First contact with the Faulfenza and the 1) Pelted 2) Terrans, 3) Chatcaava 4_) anyone else. see Emmer InTheMirror


  • Combine all of those loose Peltedverse shorts into some collections
  • many of the above suggestions have been done. Should we have a section for that similar to the bottom section of Bounties? (Sean) or just mention the place where it was fulfilled? I will put same in {squiggle brackets}
  • And some will be difficult, example "More Beth" since she is dead.

Pelted not found above[edit]

  • The Seersa who failed: Seersa are the communication specialists. They would travel to win fame by linking people. But the Hinichi and their Guardian Brothers were not communicating before they found telepaths. What went wrong? And did the Seersa(n) responsible get therapy in time? I suspect that this, if known, would embarrass the entire Seersa race. (Sean)
  • A Glaseth joins the Terran Marines, both adapt, (He) found doing pushups. (Sean)
  • There should be a speech, likely from a Terran military to a bunch of Fleet cadets after the First War. It should remind them that their genes include hunters, and predators. Fox, wolf, cat, sea hunter, and human, which is still an apex predator. That the hunt is in their bones, their blood. (Sean) (inspired slightly by rousing speach in Isle of Dogs)
  • A Christian Church presented with Hinichi saint candidate. (Sean)
  • A 'never let a human call you an animal, I've seen what they do to animals'.
  • A Seersa xeno-anthropology team on one of the Dead Worlds in the Sargasso. Frankly, Seersa would be almost hijacking ships to get there to make their fame as the first to decipher dead civilizations, presuming that there were surviving artifacts (once the dead worlds were known)(likely to be perilous). Far better than to add a forgotten word into a billion word vocab (1 word per Seersa, billions of Seersa)(Sean)
  • A Tam who has no idea who Sidney Unfound/Founder was, finding this vast collection of Tams. It looks like a conspiracy? Sees a party? Askes for an invite? Learns of 'Sidney' 'Founder' as challenge/response pass code? Gets invited into the veil?
  • A Tam watching a live video of his homeworld, in an different star system, sees the destruction. Story is reaction and consequences. And news flash replays. And changing the channel to different news feeds from homeworld. and blackout as last satilite and link is destroyed.

Art Reqests[edit]

  • Alysha had adopted the team’s mode of dress and had even pulled her hair back in a loose braid, a style that accentuated the stark angles of her face and the length of her neck. She looked composed in the heat;

Hogarth, M.C.A.. Either Side of the Strand (Alysha Forrest Book 4) . Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.

  • I really enjoyed your discussion of the current 2D&P cover. I note that it only covers the first part of the book, and a second could have been made for the second half. But your time is precious to you and to us (get writing, please, but thanks for the art), so maybe not.
  • Taylitha bound her sweat-tangled mane up behind her ears and began her walk around the perimeters of the dig site and the tents.

Hogarth, M.C.A.. Either Side of the Strand (Alysha Forrest Book 4) . Studio MCAH. Kindle Edition.

  • A Glaseah joins the Terran Marines, doing pushups. And separately enters into wrestling matches. (Sean)
  • A Harat Shar wrestling?
  • Maraesa Galare needs a sketch at minimum.
  • Zafiil changes her fur pattern art contrasting the two would be good.
  • And he walked all the way to the fence and touched his nose to Hirianthial's arm. The Eldritch relaxed, opened his eyes, set a gentle hand on a long pale nose. Would he? He did. He rested his head against the animal's, and even bruised and exhausted it was a beautiful moment, pale faces, white manes, long milky lashes. (Rose point Kindle page 1075 of 5307)