Sword of the Alliance (Fiction)

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First Edition Cover

Third volume of the Stardancer series (not counting Volume 0, the prequel Alysha's Fall).

Publication Data

  • Series: Stardancer/Alysha Forrest
  • Book: 3
  • Publication Date: July 2018
  • Editions: Ebook, Paperback, Audio
  • Revisions: 1


The Accord's Twin Swords

War is a serious violation of the Alliance’s colony charters, so when the Stardancer is sent to investigate rumors of a conflict on the distant colony of Gledig, they’re not expecting to be mired in a web of deceit, treachery, and tragedy… one involving not just the colony, but pirates and a missing Fleet officer. Even worse, the evidence suggests Fleet itself might have had a hand in creating the situation about to erupt on the ground.

But while the conflict might have been decades in the making, time is running out for Gledig, and only Fleet can save the colony from the culmination of the forces working against it now.

The fate of thousands hangs in the balance. Can the crew of the Stardancer redeem the honor of the Fleet… before it’s too late?

Additional Content

  • About Fleet
  • The Species of the Alliance Universe
  • Author Sketches
    • Montage of Characters: Here's my sole 2018 sketch of the characters from the novel. Svet looks a lot like she does in my head in this one, at least! And the other characters aren't bad renditions either. In case you can't read the writing, clockwise from the top left we have Perisse with hair sticking up, Langorn, Carey with his mop of curls, Maire, and Dylan, with scarf. Svet's in the middle.
    • Svet in Disguise: An ancient (seriously, from 1999) drawing of Svetlana before and after her haircut.
    • Red, Red Scarf: This is my favorite sketch of the first draft era. In fact, I'm just going to leave it here.
    • The Accord's Twin Swords: And here's my favorite color piece from that first draft era, which was super-ambitious for me at the time: doing extreme color juxtapositions. With MARKERS. Phew. I don't know that I'd try that these days!

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: civil war, reconciliation, secession, suspense, action, forgiveness
  • Rating: R for violence and intense action/suspense, plus implied adult situations

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Sword of the Alliance was the first full-length Stardancer novel to be written, with its first draft completed in 1998. It underwent two revisions before publication, and didn't hit retail until after Either Side of the Strand, which was the second full-length Stardancer novel (despite being published first).


Characters from Sword of the Alliance