To the Court of Love (Fiction)

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First Edition Cover

Companion to In the Court of Dragons, To the Court of Love is the second Fallowtide short story collection, taking place mostly on Escutcheon.

Publication Data

  • Series: Fallowtide Collections (2 of 2)
  • MetaSeries: Fallowtide Sequence (8 of 8)
  • Publication Date: April 17, 2023
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Revisions: 1
  • Reader-Commissioned Book


Sediryl Galare’s first official function as the formally invested heir to the Eldritch Empire is to open the summer court, on Escutcheon and on the world of Chalice. But behind every big event are a myriad of stories—some smaller in scope, and some enormous in implication. Join the Eldritch and their allies in this Fallowtide collection for a glimpse into those everyday stories. Who are the musicians of Ontine? What happened to the nobles of Asaniefa who didn’t care to fight the Empress? Will Jeasa and Haladir ever come to an accommodation? And how are the social changes sweeping the world affecting those who wish they hadn’t?

This reader-commissioned collection includes stories written by the author at reader request. Come home to the Alliance with seven tales of hope, renewal, romance, and change.

Tags and Rating

  • Tags: romance, drama, heart-warming, redemption, social changes, second chances
  • Rating: PG

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Table of Contents

  • "Teachers and Students"
  • "From Poisoned Tree"
  • "Old Dogs, New Tricks"
  • "Betrothed"
  • "Sweetest Things"
  • "Tarry Here, Merry Lad"
  • "In Self-Defense"
  • "Opening the Court" (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Backmatter: Species of the Pelteverse and Dramatis Personae


To the Court of Love was the second of the Fallowtide collections funded by readers in a February 2023 Kickstarter. It was also the first Eldritch novel to have a map.