Tolden Tera Thavelfin

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Guy who decided he liked Lisinthir. (In Jubilee Summer somewhere.)

Physical Characteristics[edit]

A young man, lean as a racing hound, with incisive blue eyes and wrists that suggested he'd made good on his sword practices. A good voice, a crisp baritone. [1]

Jahir's evaluation of his aura: "curiosity, an earnest determination that had the silvery glints of steel, a faint layer of existential despair which had been fought often enough to be riddled with old wounds, gilded like light and pale like prayer." [2]


A forthright young man. When Lisinthir humiliated him on the field of honor prior to his dispatch to the Chatcaavan Empire, Tolden took his defeat as a sign that his armsmaster had been ministering to his vanity rather than training him properly and dismissed him in order to find someone who could train him better.

He is one of the Eldritch who go with Lisinthir to the Chatcaavan Empire, along with Juzie and her betrothed. [3]

He earned a scrape or two in the combined Chatcaavan/Eldritch hunt party that went after the chimera/basilisks in Imthereli's territory, and was limping for a while. The Twelveworld Lord also congratulated him on his steel ribs and offered a hand.[4]

Tolden's Friends[edit]


The Tera family is not the ruling family of the Thavelfin House.

  • Tolden's mother is Shalfiniel Tera Thavelfin, and his father is Morithan Sath Ulurith.
  • Tolden's maternal grandparents are Kelvin Shin Sovanil and Tavifora Tera Thavelfin.
  • His maternal aunt (Sorinir's mother) is Tirinal Tera Thavelfin.

Tirinal and Shalfiniel were very close as sisters, so when they married their respective husbands they remained close, and allowed their sons to play together.


"It was Athanesin, late of Sovanil, who involved the tenants in noble affairs by burning Jisiensire to the ground. Don't be surprised that Sirithiniel has come out of our civil war with that belief, and that Iralin has embraced it as well. Things have changed... maybe subtly, but irrevocably. And if even one noble believes that their peasants should cleave to them politically..." [1]

"No. Because this is just practice, isn’t it. Chimera and basilisks hone us for the real test. I’m done with sparring."[4]


  • His Universal is 'rusty' when Lisinthir first meets him at the wedding. [1]
  • Owner of the divine crossbow of justice, which fires sea sponges. His friends who constructed it for him gave him permission to dip the ammunition in ink if there was need for severe punishment. [5]
  • Milk name is "Lend" [3]
  • The Chatcaavan court, via the Twelveworld Lord, thinks at first to award him the title of "the Diver", then half-jokingly threatens him with "the Lover", but eventually settles on "the Leader". [3]



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