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Your seaside destination for joy.


One of the Alliance’s premiere vacation spots: a colony just close enough to the Core’s major homeworlds to make the trip feel like a jaunt without being painfully distant, and with an idyllic climate maintained by a complex weather system that had been pioneered for it specifically after the colony charter members had completed the terraforming. Not that it had needed much of that, but they’d further sculpted its already dazzling beaches and dotted the resulting paradise with verdant plants to nod pacifically in its breezes. [1]


Tsera Nova had a single small continent framed by a succession of largish islands and archipelagos that afforded multiple opportunities to enjoy the ocean vistas. [1]

Orbital Station[edit]

This though was the first station he’d visited built specifically to service a tourism industry, and it cast every other platform into the shade. He exited the docks via a floating bridge over a spreading terrace of shops and exquisite miniature parks, small enough for a handful of people. Each of these terraces was floating over a transparent floor, so that the visitors seemed to be visiting islands suspended in space over the planet. Many people were tarrying on the broad bridges, translucent ones like his, staring down at the world and exclaiming at its features.

It was not just beautiful, but whimsical as well. Fountains on one level sent water soaring in thin colored arcs into bowls further down. As he stopped to look, he discovered they weren’t on timers, but reacting to the people near them. Specifically the children: different colored splashes would follow them from platform to platform, and then “run away” when noticed or chased. Clouds of bubbles drifted past as well; as he watched, a school of them drifted past his shoulders, and amid them he found fish, streamlined into some artist’s conception of creatures that would be at home in the shoals of space. He reached toward one and it darted under his fingers to be petted, its solidigraphic skin warm and slick.[2]


  • Diamond Sands Resort[2]
  • Bridge of Dreams
  • Serenity Palms


Cetacean Platform

  • Terry, female human trainer at the cetacean platform, works with Romeo, a California quasi-sea lion (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • Rod, male Tam-Illee trainer at the cetacean platform, (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)
  • Serrafina, , female Asanii trainer at the cetacean platform, (Dreamstorm Chapter 11)


  • Gwenivir Murphy, Chief Nurse Jahir works with during the hurricane (Dreamstorm Chapter 15)

Appearances and Mentions[edit]

  • Dreamstorm
  • "Healing Waters"


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