UAV Moontide

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Meyer, the captain, and Mayer, the C-med

The ship that answered the UAV Starlightning's distress call, and whose captain (or C-med) gave their name to the Mayer Directive.

Vital Statistics (At a Glance)[edit]

  • Affiliation: Fleet
  • Type: Scout
  • Crew Capacity: 50/70
  • Originating Tag: UAV
  • Primary Purpose: General Fleet Duty
  • Home Port: Starbase Theta
  • Assigning Admiral: Bravery Wales

Service History[edit]

Crew by Role[edit]

  • Captain: Tiriam Meyer, a Harat-Shar clouded leopard
  • First Commander: Audrey SickleSweep
  • C-Med: Cecil Mayer, a digitigrade Hinichi from a colony planet, mixed human and Hinichi

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