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Fleet Investigation Agency ship assigned to Hold 22.

Vital Statistics (At a Glance)

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  • Affiliation: Fleet Investigation Agency
  • Type: Discover Class Corvette
  • Crew Capacity: Not Known
  • Originating Tag: UAV
  • Primary Purpose: military, assigned currently to border work, particularly investigative

Layout and Specifics

The Silhouette was smaller than the UAV Quicklance, but as usual there was extra berthing for guests; more such cabins, in fact, than the Quicklance had boasted despite the latter ship’s larger size, as the agents of Fleet’s investigative and intelligence arm were more likely to be hosting specialists or freelance agents.[1]

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The smallest current Fleet ship type is the courier (like the Quicklance), with a crew complement of 20, minimum. FIA must have a dedicated ship class that's smaller, probably with minimum complement of 5 and max of 15. Something to note on the Fleet Ship Classes page.

Currently assigned crew is that of Hold 22.

Has a duster.

Has a small and disreputable shuttle it uses for pretending to be something else.

Service History

This is where I put down that they helped Lisinthir during the war.

Crew by Role

Characters with Existing Pages on the Wiki

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