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Characters with details about them but no actual name go here.

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Species and Gender Series/Book/Story Location Role/Occupation Notes
Phoenix, ? Dreamhealers, Mindtouch Seersana University University admissions A gender Jahir couldn't discern, a beak as long as Jahir's forearm, and large, cornflower-blue eyes[1]
Asanii, female Dreamhealers, Mindtouch Seersana University Gelateria server Bright brown eyes in a calico-patched face.[2]
Asanii, female Dreamhealers, Mindtouch Seersana University Busker/violin player Color of gay smoke with brown eyes; plays in public spaces[3]
Seersa, male Dreamhealers, Mindtouch Seersana University Waiter at a coffeehouse Brown pelt with tiger stripes.[4]
Seersa, ? Dreamhealers, Mindtouch Children's Hospital, Seersana University Surgeon Nieve's principal surgeon, middle-aged; upon her death his "sorrow seemed as much shock as anything."[5]
Tam-illee, male Dreamhealers, Mindline Selnor port Medical Vulpine ears and fur the color of champagne.[6]


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