Who is Willing (Fiction)

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Second Edition Cover
First Edition Cover

Second volume of the Stardancer series (not counting Volume 0, the prequel Alysha's Fall).

Publication Data

  • Series: Stardancer/Alysha Forrest
  • Book: 2
  • Publication Date: February 2017
  • Editions: Ebook, Paperback, Audio
  • Revisions: 1


Alysha Forrest is looking forward to her assignment as the Songlance’s newest lieutenant, particularly when it gets her placed as the liaison to the ship’s water environment crewmembers. Interfacing with the mermaid-like Naysha and the alien Platies who serve as the ship’s navigators is an exhilarating experience, and all the other officers on the crew are eager to welcome her into the fold… all of them, except one.

Mike Beringwaite, the overbearing ensign who ruined their leadership retreat years earlier, has somehow made lieutenant too. When a routine problem in the water environment throws them together, Alysha has to decide how willing she is to forgive him for what he did, whether she can work with him again, and most importantly, if she can trust him—with her life.

The disaster at the leadership retreat is nothing to the one they have to handle now. If they can….

Additional Content

  • About Fleet
  • The Species of the Alliance Universe
  • Author Sketches
    • Lieutenant Forrest: "...complete with Flitzbe. This was of a shipboard mixer. Fleet has a lot of soirees. I should write about one!"
    • At Rest with Platies: "This is an old drawing, from long before I planned this novella. But I've always known about Alysha's time serving as water environment liaison, thus this image. I like it mostly for translucent data tablet and the Platies in the back (I rarely draw them; these are about the size of growing Algae)."
    • The Currentlock: "One of the few modern drawings, done when I was first messing with the outline for the novella. I like this one for its sense of space."
    • Sar and the Platies: "And my attempt at Alysha signing to Sar while the Platies swirl around them."

Tags and Content Notes

  • Tags: friendship, leadership, redemption, prejudice, racism, aquatic aliens, furries
  • Rating: PG-13 for implied strong language and intense action/suspense

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