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The particular Worldlord who first enslaved the Emperor and then became his ally.

Appearance and Personality

Larger than the average Chatcaavan, with an impressive breadth of chest and wings of a size. His face has the blunted end of a traditional axehead, but unlike the Admiral-Offense he lacks the slope of the ideal. Confident without being brash.[1] He has golden eyes.[2] Deputy-East characterized him as "a male of supreme and quiet assurance, but also a sire several times over, and of offspring he had taken a personal interest in rearing."[3] His second son says of him: "My sire is… eccentric. We trust him, but do not always understand him."[4]

He is more relaxed in his position as Second than he was in his position as Worldlord. [2]

Known Shapes

  • human (from Andrea). His voice is deeper in this shape.


Early History

The Worldlord's sire was also the Worldlord of Apex-East, who raised his two sons to power. The male who would become Kauvauc's Second was the second son, and was being trained to enter the Navy, and in fact, began a career in the staff side of the Navy (something he occasionally reveals with such comments like the one to the Sword about the kennels for his slaves: "Did their sleeping arrangements truly matter? It is no worse than what Chatcaava endure on a fighting ship"[5]). "It is necessary," his father said, "that we have ties into both sides, the system lords and the navy, because they are the loci of power in the Empire."

But this sire died untimely, assassinated by a male who wanted his position, and who died to the Worldlord-to-be's older brother, who took their father's position. He managed that enterprise not much longer and then died to the next challenger. His younger brother killed that male, and became the new Worldlord.

Recent History

Then a summary of the events of the war.

When the Sword asked Deputy-East and the Worldlord to spy for them in Apex-East's system, the Worldlord sent the Emperor a message: "Sword. Deputy-East tells me it is time for us to choose sides. Ask your master, this, then: ‘Why you?'" The Emperor's response, which convinced the Worldlord to throw in with him, was: "I know three alien shapes, and all three of them were gifts. What have you learned? What do you want to?"[6]

"The Worldlord preferred to stack the odds. He had spent his entire life in that endeavor, preparing against the inevitable day when he would need to move the Empire in order to protect what was his. It did not surprise him that the day had come—what did, and pleasantly, was that it had arrived when he was still young enough to welcome the challenge."[7]

Their first meeting after the Emperor's escape from the Worldlord's harem was at the naval station at Apex-East, just before the Emperor went on to demonstrate the shapechange, winning the duel to prove he was still Apex-Navy, and then, more formally, after that duel in his office. "He met his Emperor’s eyes without flinching despite their shared history. Had the Ambassador not uncovered the Worldlord’s secret flaw, the Emperor would never have suspected him of indecency."At this meeting, the Emperor asked him to bring as many of the system lords to the Emperor's banner as possible. When the Worldlord said that not enough might come, the Emperor said that he knew it was too late to save the Empire as it was. “You admit to weakness," as the Worldlord's comment. And the Emperor replies: “Weakness is denying reality. You advised me once to accept what I could not change. It was good advice.”[8]

After the War

Was surprised--and disconcerted--to be tapped by the Emperor to serve as Second, given their history. "I knew him as a slave. A slave who didn't return to punish me for the indignities he suffered at my hand." [2]

After killing the Lord of the Marchward Flight, he inherited that fiefdom and passed it on to his eldest son, who was due to inherit something larger than the holdings from Apex-East.[9]

Supposedly the last time he woke up in a gel tank prior to his fight for the second pillow was 'some two decades ago.'[10]

Family and Relationships

  • Father: Former Apex-East Worldlord
  • Mother: a harem female
  • Older Brother (deceased): Known first as Worldlord's Heir, then as Worldlord (briefly)
  • Children: at least four sons and at least six grandchildren and cares about them.[1] One of those sons, the second son, who was originally the head of the naval reserve fleet for the entirety of the Eastern sector[11], is now the Knife. He has another son in the Navy as well.[7] Another has a several estates on the Apex-East world, including one on the southern continent with a lucrative gem mine. [1]
  • Has no formal consorts, but a harem of females upon which he got those sons

Second and Simone

	“I told you what I believed to be the truth,” Lisinthir said. “And discovered that in your own slave annex you had the expertise to confirm my suppositions.” When the Worldlord stared at him, mouth working, Lisinthir finished, “In your own slave annex. If you had allowed Andrea to minister to her immediately, you might have delayed her death.”
	“No,” the Worldlord whispered. And then, firmly, “She is a pet.”
	“She is a person.”
	“She is a pet!”
	“She is a person,” Lisinthir said again. “Or your fondness for her is unnatural. Which sin would you prefer to embrace, Worldlord? Would you be a pervert, for nursing feelings for an animal? Or a heretic, for admitting that aliens are people?”
	“Dying Air!” the Worldlord exclaimed. “Neither!”
	“The choice of a coward.”
	The Worldlord gaped at him.
	“A coward,” Lisinthir said. “And I know you are not one, Worldlord. From our speech I have guessed you to be a male of unusual moral fiber, perspicacity, and insight. That male would not cavil from ownership of his own feelings, no matter how uncomfortable the paths they might lead him onto.” He looked toward Simone. “You know better.”
	“You know better,” Lisinthir repeated. “Or why would you have accused me of attempting to inspire guilt? There can be no guilt if you did not feel shame.”



  • "Conquered populaces are only useful if they stay conquered. Somehow I doubt these will. And then they will tie up significant resources as we keep them pacified." [1]
  • "But where there is life, Dainty, there is hope of change. If nothing else this is something Chatcaava know and aliens would be well to learn."[1]
  • "I don’t doubt that you are holding this information against your future need, Sword. We are what we are, no matter how remote we hold ourselves from the heart of the Empire and its culture. But if a knife you are planning on planting in me... I believe you would do me the courtesy of planting it in my chest, not my back."[12]
  • "What else? You are challenging, and only a weak male fears a challenge." [2]
  • "Asking incredibly uncomfortable questions seems to have taken you all the way to the highest echelons of our empire. I could do worse than to emulate you."[2]
  • "That was the way of the court. I am the way of the court now, and I follow my Emperor's lead. And in that court, loyalty is rewarded, and no one is disposable."[9]


  • calls Deputy-East/Hand 'huntbrother'
  • swears by the Dying Air
  • likes stargazing; he had an observatory at the top of his hunting estate[5]
  • drinks tea-wine; has good cellars, with strong drink in them, drinks a lot; does not, however, use hekkret or other drugs[5]
  • spoke badly accented Universal even before he met Lisinthir and the Emperor [1]
  • Has a blue diamond that represents a favor from Lisinthir to him[13]
  • Has a thing for Karaka'An ballet dancers.


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