Amber Seni Galare

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Amber Seni Galare

Full name Sernataila Seni Galare. Currently having his mind messed with by Bethsaida Emil Galare.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Taller than Jahir, but narrower through the chest and shoulders and jaw. Darker eyes, a honeyed hazel. [1]


Growing up, Amber had his own room, across the hall from Jahir's. They shared their tutor and their library, but had their own horses and swords, and Amber had his own clothing made for him by the same tailor as Jahir's. [2]

Amber recalls Jahir's leaving for the Alliance as Jahir's one mistake: he feels that Jahir should have let Amber go instead. Amber's recollection is that Jeasa told him to go "a few years later". [3]

Jahir says that of the two of them, Amber was always the more unorthodox, caring little for convention. [4] He studied architecture in the Alliance, then went on a "Grand Tour" of the Alliance, before he ended up at St. Jasmine of the Stars on Sharsenne. He received the customary stipend from Liolesa for his wanders. He was never homesick, and his letters grew sporadic after his graduation.


Son of Jeasa and Kolvin, and younger brother of Jahir.

Recent History[edit]

During the war, Lisinthir and Sediryl assigned Amber the task of shepherding the Throneworld harem from Sharsenne to Escutcheon. He resented this division of labor: he wanted to punish the Chatcaava, not protect them, but neither of his cousins was willing to let him seek his revenge for Bethsaida's captivity. [5]

After the war, Amber went to meet Bethsaida in the Stranger's Garden at the convent of Saint Militha, and pledged to never leave her. [6] (This had to occur very shortly after the war, before Sediryl even got home, because Liolesa knew that Amber was allied with Beth by the time she met with Sediryl in person. [7]) He accompanied Beth on her tour of Escutcheon's convents for most of a year before finally deigning to visit his mother and brother -- with less than a day's notice [8] -- and then ruined it for everyone by bringing Beth and refusing to include Vasiht'h and his family in the gathering. Bethsaida stormed out at the end of the meal, playing the insulted maiden, and Amber went with her, cutting both his mother and his brother. [9]

After the wedding but before the investiture, Bethsaida stayed for several days at the convent of Saint Charisael, in Nuera, where she met secretly with Iralin, the Ulurith heir -- for which meeting Amber brought out some anti-surveillance technology that he'd apparently been carting around. [10]

After Jahir and Sediryl opened the dancing following their investiture, Amber tried to provoke Lisinthir into a duel, with accusations of loose morals and inappropriate relationships. He was goaded along psychically by Bethsaida. Lisinthir utterly failed to rise to the bait; when Jahir tried to offer friendship and help, Amber rejected him. [11]

It is unknown (at this time) where Amber and Beth went after the investiture. One result of this is that Amber is no longer Seni's heir. [12]


"My name is Amber Seni Galare... and I have been seeking a way to avenge myself on the Empire."[13]

"You speak of the Queen, now styling herself Empress, and her new heir, our cousin. And all their coterie of alien-lovers, who would throw our world into the arms of people who could not defend themselves from dragons. And they expect these failures to defend us?" [14]


  • He understands bits of Chatcaavan but is not a fluent speaker; he has no gift for tongues (and complained of losing bits of Eldren the longer he's away from Escutcheon). [1]
  • He holds grudges until they strangle in his arms, according to Sediryl in Only the Open
  • His milk name is Tai [9]
  • hates winter, prefers spring

Body Language[edit]


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