Araelis Mina Jisiensire

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The current head of House Jisiensire.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

She looks less like the Queen than Hirianthial does. [1] She's also never been good at hiding her feelings (or maybe she doesn't care to). [2]


Sealbearer for the Jisiensire House following the death of Laiselin and the departure of Hirianthial from Escutcheon. Married to Ceredan. Mother to (Did I name her son). (She is still pregnant at the time of Reese's first holiday on Escutcheon).[3]

"She hadn’t seen much of Hirianthial’s House cousin, but what little she’d seen had worried and saddened her. Araelis had lost her entire House to Surela’s machinations, and while the aftermath of the civil war had kept her busy—no doubt because Liolesa was giving her work for that purpose—the fierce and talkative extrovert Reese had met at Ontine had vanished beneath the widow’s mask. It was anyone’s guess if she would return, even for the sake of the child she was still carrying." [4]


  • "Outside the Galares, you will find no firmer friend on this world than through us, as I'm sure you know, having traveled with Hirianthial." [1]
  • ""Have you forgotten we are Jisiensire, Hirianthial? Or has your father-come-lately from Galare clouded your eyes to your mother's legacy? We are the House that welcomed the first alien as kin. We are the House who supplies the Queen's couriers, generation after generation. It is for us to cultivate the alien." [1]
  • "You are a vain and foolish and short-sighted woman. You have invited our worst enemies onto our soil, thinking that once they are paid they will never return. But if you feed the wolf once, Surela, he will be back… and he will bring all his kin." [2]
  • "Oh, good, I am saved from colonizing Planet Buttercup, or That Other World. Do tell, Liolesa." [5]


  • During the Solstice Vigil, Araelis received from Liolesa (a most managing female, nigh unto interfering), a planet to start colonizing with the Harat-Shar descendants of Sellelvi, train Roshka. [3]


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