Athanesin Fesa Sovanil

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Surela's henchman, who razed Jisiensire.

Physical Characteristics[edit]


Wanted to marry Surela, who kept him dangling too long. Got tired of waiting, decided to maneuver himself into a position where he could rule instead. Liked mortal technology, enough to think he could use it to put himself on the throne.

Just before his execution, he says he's two centuries Hirianthial's junior, and believes himself better at dueling thereby. [1]


  • "Think of how useless rebellion will seem when faced with an entire army in parade dress, banners flying! Just the sight of it will resign them to the inevitability of their surrender. To you, Queen Surela." [2]
  • "I suppose you haven't yet tired of being the convenient tool of a woman. But I have. And I am not the only one. It is long past time for us to cease to owe allegiance to the skirts of the realm."[1]
  • "How brazen you are! And so misguided! You think I would put honor over my own survival?"[1]



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