Belinor Geth Mel

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Young Eldritch priest. Valthial's conservative conscience. Acolyte of Urise.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

A youth in the robes of an acolyte of the God, with a wholesome aura charged with the nervous energy of an adolescent forced to stand still. [1]


Originally a tenant of the Mel family in Deriline. Claims he has "experience" with dressing nobles when he helps Hirianthial to prepare for court after rescuing Urise. [2]

Becoming Urise's protege.

Civil War[edit]

  • Helping Reese
  • Relationship with Val.
  • Capture and torture
  • Rescue, healing in the Alliance medplex on the Moonsinger, release

Post-Civil War[edit]

While it is evident that following the events of the coup, Belinor reverted to his previous behavior, this was probably an attempt at convincing others of his normalcy, and did not reflect his interior issues.

In the fall after the wedding and investiture, he decides to accompany Urise to Chalice: "I can't stay, not yet. My mentor will give me time to heal, and he will... he will wait on my weaknesses. If I remain, I doubt I will be able to fool the high priest for long, and when he uncovers my deception, his pain... I will not be able to answer it." [3]


  • "I can run very fast." [1]
  • "You say you are his incarnation. Then swear on her sacrifice, that you will not betray us to our enemies, whosoever they may be."[4]


  • loves sweets and hot chocolate
  • speaks Universal in an accented staccato (at the time of the palace coup)[2]


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