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This page is for research requests. Anyone can request information (not just the author), and anyone can fulfill bounties!


  • I have mentioned more Fleet ships, I'm sure. Help me find the rest!
  • A lot of the characters have pages but they're missing things like descriptions (what do they look/sound like?) or details (do they have children?). Help!
  • Have all the books been added? I haven't looked
  • Most of the Chatcaava are missing character pages because gack, titles... help on how to handle that would be good (discuss in #archives?)
  • Information about areas in the Chatcaavan Empire are also missing (stuff like how it's divided into quadrants, and the weird names like 'Marchward Flight').
  • Chatcaavan military stuff is completely missing. I know I mentioned stuff like how their alert colors are different from the Alliance's, I gotta put that in one place.
  • Also we learned stuff about Chatcaavan armor and drop commandos (??!) in Air-dancing, that needs to go somewhere.
  • If you're looking for fun things to do, adding your favorite quotes to a character's page (like on Lafayette KindlesFlame's), or reader highlights from books to the book pages would be fun! I am planning to do the latter eventually.
  • Glaseahn rites needs info copied out of Heartskein; so do Esper Talents and Starbases. More info on those pages.

First Name Missing[edit]

Last Name Missing[edit]

  • Most of the two Intelligence holds
  • Beronaeth?

Jaguar Requests/Bounties[edit]

Put stuff you need from me here (like maps or deep info or clarifications)

Requests for Renames/Deletes[edit]

Did something get misspelled? Or added by accident? Ask for a fix here from an administrator.

Fulfilled Bounties[edit]

If you've fulfilled a request, move it here and mark your name so we know who gets thanks!

  • Jaguar answered: "Rispa is named for the "Seersan Mist Sister." Who are the the Mist Sisters?" with Four Sisters
  • Thaniet's name, answered by Sporky
  • Krystal's name, answered by Sporky
  • KetDusky answered: Olthemiel's last name
  • KetDusky answered: Eldritch winter holiday descriptions
  • Lirleni answered: "Did Tolden definitely leave with Lisinthir at the end of Farmer's Crown? I don't remember" I put the references on his page. We don't see the actual leave-taking, but everything points to him going, along with Juzie, her betrothed, and Qora.