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Bryer, a Phoenix.

A Phoenix, one of Reese Edding's employee on the TMS Earthrise.

Physical Appearance[edit]

A tall, birdlike bipedal with metallic gold plumage. Eyes have narrow pupils and no whites.


An Eye-trained Phoenix. This means that he is among the small number of Eye-worshippers who got far enough along in their meditative practices to receive the rigorous physical training. It takes a well-placed palmer shot to the head to take him down. [1]

Bryer tends to speak in short phrases. When he speaks in full sentences, he is usually angry and/or serious.

Most of the crew of the TMS Earthrise were hired 3 years before the start of the book Earthrise. Bryer was the last one to be hired by Reese. [1]

During the Solstice Vigil, Bryer received fertilizer for the Rose Point gardens from Kis'eh't; vegetable, fruit, flower, and trees that both give nuts and shade from Irine; a harness with tool slots and pouches from Sascha; a pumice stone for talon sharpening from Hirianthial; a cliff (shown on a map) as an aerie from Liolesa; and four banners of won battles from Reese: the first, bright red for the battle at Surapinet's complex, second, sky blue for the fight at the palace fleeing, third, yellow of buttercups with silver paint, fight at palace second time, and fourth, white, with the date of hire. Eye-trained Phoenix are allowed to fly banners at their aeries when they win battles, but must be gifted those banners by someone whose life was saved at them. When they have received five banners, they are allowed to request a mate. (Once this was explained, Sascha and Irine realised that Hirianthial was likely to gift a banner to Bryer for the fight on the battlecruiser, making the fifth and the potential of baby Phoenixae a much more likely thing.)[2]


  • "Honor is the best form of craziness." [1]
  • "Control. The Eye is stillness, not the storm. Like a scalpel, not the crushing gale. In this, the healer must meet the warrior." [3]
  • "Be whole. Or fail. Your choice." [3]


  • When the crew was trapped by pirates in the Earthrise's closet, he said that the thing he is looking for in life is a garden. [4]


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