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This is a meta page where I track the cameos I wrote people into, in case I need to write new ones, or remember that I can't kill them off without a suitably moving and dramatic death scene.

  • Cora, a Karaka'An staffer for Newell, the White Admiral. (Also a hobby historian, apparently.)
  • Cynthia, the head chef of The Cottage at Starbase Omicron [1]
  • The Malarai with dyed black wings, wearing a top hat perched on dark curls, briefly seen in Allen Tiber's front office (Name is not given in book)[2]
  • Karina, the Harat-Shar who scoops ice cream disquisitively in Starbase Veta's commons, she is a clouded pard, with ragged splotchwork pelt and teeth that Vasiht'h admires. Her birthday is in fall.[3]
  • Pieter Strong, ex-Fleet Seersan male who comes in for therapy. [4]
  • The Glaseahn anthropologist who follows the Sirelanders around. (I think Alysha was reading about him in Who is Willing?)

Don't remember any of the character names, I should figure those out.

Honored Mentions[edit]

  • Annie Halfbob, after Sarah's passed-on cat Annie Lingonberry.
  • Penny Rogers, after Cora's passed-on cat Penelope.


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