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Broken out from the Religions page. See also Eldritch Holidays, which should probably be renamed "Eldritch Rites and Holidays", maybe.


  • The Eldritch religion involves the worship of male and female divinities in two roles: as guardians of mystery, and as intimate intercessors. The Lord and Lady are the mystery; the God and Goddess are the intercessors. For that reason, males swear by "God and Lady" while females refer to the "Goddess and Lord." Each sex is assumed to be intimate with their sex's deity, and to have access to the other sex's divinity only as a mystery, not as a known quantity.
  • Liolesa uses "High Priestess of the Amacrucian Church" or "Matriarch of the Amacrucian Church" as a passcode or secret identity in her communications and interactions with Reese. [1][2] The queen is the titular head of the Church, [3] making Amacrucia the name of the religion (if Liolesa wasn't just making a wicked joke).
  • Priests and priestesses do not marry, because it is considered a distraction from their work. [3]
  • One ordinarily cannot take vows to the Divine Mysteries and keep one's worldly position. The Queen is the only exception, being both the secular head of state and the religious head of the Church. [4]
  • One gives personal gifts to one's priests on their natal days, but they should be modest, because the vows require chastity, poverty, obedience, and humility. [4]
  • Vestments: Ontine Cathedral's clergy wear plain blue and white robes. [5] The arm of the Church given over to the mysteries comprises the priests of the Lord, who wear dark carmine robes. [6] Val's elevation to High Priest involved Liolesa putting "the Lord's red stole over his shoulders." [7]


The part of the catechism that is cited most often is the commandment to serve life.
So long as there is breath in me, I will serve life -- serve life -- serve life. (Said/thought by Jahir.) [8]
With every breath in me, I will serve life. (Said/thought by Lisinthir.) [9]
To heal is to serve life. (Said by Jahir.) [10]
"It is what they all want, isn't it? To be useful? Why, even the catechism commands it. We serve life!" -- Bethsaida [11]
Other tenets:
Lying is wrong. (Said by Juzie.) [12]
To listen is the beginning and end of wisdom. (Said by Solanth.) [12]
To find offense where none is offered is violence against the God and Lady. (Said by Talthien.) [13]
People who love one another serve one another. (Said by Jahir.) [14]
All that is allotted to us as mortals is a glimpse of the truth. Any other belief is doctrinal error. (Said by Liolesa.) [15]
We should begin as we mean to continue. (Said by Lisinthir.) [16]


The virtues that should be exemplified by a gently-bred lady, as found in Lili's Book of Hours that she gives to Sediryl for her investiture vigil, are: [17]

  • love
  • temperance
  • charity
  • diligence
  • patience
  • kindness
  • humility
  • faithfulness
  • self-control
    • These nine virtues (in obscure texts) are exemplified by four saints known as the Hallowed Quartet. (Love, the ninth virtue, is held to be the guiding ideal for all of them.)

See also: Eldritch Holidays

Saints and Martyrs[edit]

Female saints (from named convents): Wilthelmissa, Charisaiel, Militha, Marien, Avilana, Mylisafel.

Saint Sordanen is one of the Hallowed Quartet, "a man purported to have embodied their tradition’s male virtues, mostly by killing monsters"; he is depicted in the stained-glass window of Imthereli's outdoor chapel with a sword and a stern expression. [18]



Churches and Chapels[edit]


  • Abbey of Saint Avilana, where Liolesa sent Bethsaida when she first came home, "which is as remote a location as I could manage while still placing her on allied lands". She was guarded there by the Chancellor during the time of Surela's insurrection. [19]
    • The Isle of Songs, where the heir is said to be on retreat, is probably the location of the Abbey. [20]
  • Convent of Saint Charisaiel (in Nuera. where Beth paused her 'tour' for three days). [21]
  • Convent of Saint Marien (in Beth's letter in broadsheet, she says she is heading toward this one). [22]
  • Convent of Saint Militha (where Bethsaida meets up with Amber). [23]
  • Convent of Saint Mylisafel (in Ulurith territory, along the sea coast) [24]
  • Convent of Saint Wilthelmissa (in Jesa. Tasisaressa was Abbess). [25] This is the convent that Liolesa used as 'cover' for her off-world trips when she was Maraesa's heir, and Hirianthial was guarding her. [26]


Convents have a "Stranger's Garden" for visitors (and men) to use that isn't attached to the convent proper, to prevent interference with the peace and rest of the sisters there. [27]


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