Elenoriel Sora Mathanith

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Head of Mathanith (mentioned in "Disengage").

Physical Characteristics[edit]


Steadfastly loyal to the Galare dynasty, but a woman ruled by her impulses. And little else. [1]

Two weeks after Lisinthir dueled Gaviin Telde Sovanil -- to which she didn't object, because Gaviin had been succeeding inappropriately in attaching her daughter and heir -- Elenoriel went to Liolesa to complain about the duels, because his latest target had been her sister's son Noran Mathanith, whom she favored even over her own child. Her complaint was that Lisinthir was "cutting his way through his peers", that is, dueling without regard to political allegiances.

I NEED HERE TO REMEMBER to look up Disengage and get the details of her going to Liolesa and why (because of Lisinthir) and dump that as part of 'history' in her biography, because I need that data for Fealty. It's in MP somewhere I think. Likewise the info about this being the reason Lisinthir gets sent should be in his bio. And the guy he embarrassed, it should become a historical point in his bio. Reminder to self here, update all this so you can edit Fealty later.


Husband: unknown (but he is a moderating influence on her)

Daughter: unknown (but she is her heir)

Her sister's son is Noran Mathanith.


  • "Don’t be vulgar, my lady. The past hardly matters. What does is that this… this creature is bound and determined to fell anyone who looks at him askance. It has ceased to be in poor taste and become a matter for royal intervention.”[1]



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