Evelis Lona Mathanith

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The current (and hopefully permanent this time) Mathanith heir, who came to the wedding.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Long face, firm mouth, large gray eyes. [1]


Stuff here from the Mathanith head's bio, about how Evelis came to be heir and the scandals. Also I think Velederien mentions that the scandal continued while they were offworld--look that up in Court of Dragons.

Tolden was her primary hanger-on back before he went offworld; his parents wanted him to marry her.


"Had we all been marked by the war, I am certain we, too, would have been rewarded by our sovereign. the good fortune here, Irlain, is that we were not so marked. I doubt any of us would have been able to earn a land grant the way Lord Lauvet did." [1]

"Our elders have their allegiances, Lord Lauvet. But those allegiances are not set in stone."[1]



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