Faereth Ruth Sili

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One of the White Swords attached to Jahir on the trip to Anseahla. Now part of his permanent retinue.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

From the lands around Deriline. As a squared chin and long face and comes across as hypervigilant. Has the lavender eyes that are not atypical of the Deriline area. Has the upper body development of an archer (because he's an excellent one). The fastest runner of the group, with a sprinter's legs.


A White Sword chosen by Val for Hirianthial as one of a handful of temporary bodyguards. Accompanied Jahir and Vasiht'h on their shopping trip to the starbase.[1]


  • "This small crowd will not overmaster a mind-mage."[1]


  • learned archery from an aunt
  • can imitate birds and whistle


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